TR’s Hits: Know Upcoming On Star Plus

Jiji Maa

TR’s Hits: Know Upcoming On Star.. Papa By Chance: Yuvaan gets in a big dilemma. He wants to make the kids away from him for the sake of their happiness. He is helpless and wants to secure the kids’ future. He falls in Genie’s words. He meets a couple and talks to them to know if they are suitable to adopt the kids. He wants to find the right guardians for the kids. He tells the couple about the kids’ likes and dislikes. He gets emotional while describing the kids. Amrit feels bad for Yuvaan. Dhoni is close to Yuvaan’s heart. Yuvaan tells them that he will miss Dhoni a lot.

Yuvaan feels he can’t keep the kids happy. He tells them that the kids are very smart and bright, they will have a great future. Genie decides her future with Yuvaan. She doesn’t want the kids to enter her life. She makes Yuvaan believe that the kids will never be happy with him. Yuvaan can’t tolerate the separation with the kids. Bela explains Yuvaan that the kids are angry on him right now, but love him a lot. She asks him to give some time to the kids, rather than deciding about adoption in a hurry.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Raman-Ishita’s silly clashes go on… The goons create a scene in Aaliya’s Mehendi function. Ishita and Romi warn the goons to make them out. The goon asks her if she has no manners. He calls up Raman to complain about Ishita. He demands Ishita to bring Raman to them first. Romi controls his temper. Ishita asks them not to fight. She tells Romi that they can’t do anything till they find Raman. The goons misbehave with the ladies. Ishita reprimands them. The goons ruin the fun in the Mehendi ceremony. Ishita commands them to leave. She asks them if they have no shame that they are ordering alcohol. She threatens them of calling police when they don’t listen to her.

Ishqbaaz: Shivay flirts with Tara to upset Anika. He also goes to the extent of insulting Anika. He speaks ill about Anika and her family background. Moreover, he tells Tara that he has realized his mistake to marry a low-class girl. He feels sorry for himself that Anika doesn’t understand anything. He acts as if he doesn’t care for her presence. Shivay carries the drama ahead superbly. Likewise, Anika believes him and sheds tears. Shivay thanks Tara for pulling off the drama well. He then vents out his anger. Meanwhile, Gauri apologizes to Shivay for hurting his feelings.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Amyra to separate Sikandar-Kulfi… Amyra questions Lovely about Sikandar and Kulfi’s relation truth. Lovely’s dad Chadda tells Amyra that its absolutely true. This shocks Lovely a lot. Meanwhile, Kulfi tells Tevar that she wants to meet her uncle. Tevar tells her that they will always be together. He promises her that he will always protect her, and none can harm her. She gets emotional on talking to him. Tevar takes care of her and also wants her to keep smiling. She tells her that she isn’t able to see Nimrat’s star. He brings a telescope for her. He tells her that she can see the star closely by telescope. He surprises her. He makes a forever promise. Kulfi thanks him. She cares for his feelings.

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Yeh Rishta Kya: Samarth puts light on Dadi’s dark past.. Samarth doesn’t want Akhilesh to get close to Manish and Kartik. Akhilesh risks his life while saving Kartik and Naira. Samarth turns angry seeing Akhilesh’s love for Kartik and Naira. He doesn’t want Akhilesh to have any terms with Goenkas. The family doesn’t realize Akhilesh’s humble deed. Naira gets to see Akhilesh’s helping move. She also wants to acknowledge it. She shares the good news with Kartik. She tells him that Akhilesh has crossed the partition line to save their lives. Kartik turns too happy with the news. Moreover, he tells Naira that they will fight for winning Akhilesh back. Samarth wants to double trouble for Goenkas. Dadi gets happy for Kartik and Naira’s performance and congratulates them.

Jiji Maa:

Suyash and Piyali get married. Falguni and Karma reveal the truth about enemy’s conspiracy to Suyash. This leaves Suyash shocked. Falguni tells him that he is fine and doesn’t need to fall weak. She exposes Piyali’s misdeeds. Piyali doesn’t let Uttara’s name come out. She takes all the blame on herself. She accepts her crimes. Suyash learns Piyali’s planning. Piyali shows her true colors.

Suyash realizes his big mistake. He breaks down. He declares that he won’t accept his mistake with Piyali, since he got cheated. He apologizes to Falguni for hurting her so much and ruining their lives. He feels sorry for hiding the truth. Piyali reminds Suyash his divorce with Falguni. She tells him that he is her husband and she is the bahu of Rawat family now. Piyali makes sure to hurt Falguni more. She gets into her old drama zone again. She breaks Karma’s heart.

Falguni vents anger on Suyash for lying to her. She feels he is responsible for everything. Karma gets raging and asks Piyali to give him an answer. He tells her that she cheated him, but he will still marry her. Karma doesn’t want Piyali to get away. He kidnaps Piyali and takes her to temple for marriage. Suyash begs Falguni for one chance to fix everything. Karma informs them about his marriage with Piyali.


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