TR’s Quick Reads: Kasautii Zindagii Kay and more

Aapke Aa Jane Silsila Krishna

Kasautii Zindagii Kay:
Navin asks Prerna for a dance. Prerna gets angry when he misbehaves with her. She steps on his foot and hurts him with the pointed heels. Navin screams and asks Prerna what is she doing. Navin fails to dance with her. He tells her that she has ruined his wish. He leaves after the insult. Anurag stops Prerna, holding her hand. Anurag and Prerna perform in the engagement party. Their romantic dance upsets Mohini and Navin. Anurag wants to protect Prerna always. He feels responsible for her safety. He fails to expose Navin’s truth in the engagement party, but he succeeds to keep Navin away. He wants to expose Navin some how and stop the marriage.

Everyone gets surprised seeing Anurag’s new side. The family didn’t expect Anurag to dance in the party. Navin wants to forgive Prerna, but not Anurag. Prerna gets close to Anurag, by falling in love with his goodness. Navin feels Anurag is playing a villain in his love story. He wants to be cautious of Anurag and deal with Prerna. Anurag gets Navin and his lover’s picture. He shares his planning with Prerna. He tries to show the pictures to everyone.

Udaan: Suraj-Chakor to search for missing Anjor… Chakor gets Suraj back by all her prayers. Suraj fulfills Chakor’s Karwachauth fast. Suraj reveals to her that a bomb is tied up to his body. Chakor gets a huge shock. She tries to threaten Rajeshwari about Vikram. She gets a bigger shock when she learns that Vikram got freed from the haveli. Suraj and Chakor realize that Anjor has freed Vikram. Chakor takes the help of police to get the bomb removed off Suraj’s body. Chakor learns that Anjor is missing. Suraj checks for Anjor in the haveli. Anjor has fallen in Vikram’s trap by losing her belief in Chakor. Chakor tells Suraj that Anjor’s life is in danger.

Jijaji Chath Par Hai:

Pancham takes the gifts for Ilaychi. He shows it to Pintu. Pintu gets happy that the gifts are for him. Pancham tells him that the gifts are for Ilaychi. Pintu gets upset and starts emotional blackmail. Pancham asks him to stop his overacting. He tells that Ilaychi kept a fast for him, he asked his mum to send the locket for Ilaychi. He wants to surprise Ilaychi. They both get into an argument. Ilaychi reaches there. She saves Pancham from Pintu’s anger. Ilaychi gets kachoris for Pancham.

She wants to know if he has also kept a fast for her. She asks Pancham if he kept the fast. He denies it. She asks him to swear on her. Pancham accepts that he has kept the fast, because of the kundli dosh. Pancham shows the gift to Ilaychi. He tells her that the locket will always protect her. He jokes that she is also a trouble for him. Ilaychi likes his sweet and sour compliments. They have a romantic moment. They celebrate Karwachauth together.

Ishq SubhanAllah

Kabeer and Zara face new problems when Zara’s psycho lovers enters the family. Kabeer and Zara watch the CCTV footage. They see a man staring at Zara by hiding in darkness. Zara gets worried seeing the footage. Kabeer wants to get evidence against Ruksar. The new villain will be planted by Ruksar. Kabeer and Zara have to protect their lovely relationship.

Jiji Maa:

Falguni rushes to the house to stop Suyash and Piyali’s marriage. She gets late in her attempt and realizes that the marriage rituals are already completed. Piyali breaks the truth to Falguni that she has already taken the rounds and vows with Suyash. This shatters Falguni and Karma’s heart forever. Piyali’s deceive angers Karma. Falguni tells Suyash that Uttara and Piyali have cheated him by lying about his false illness. She informs him that he is perfectly fine and isn’t suffering of any critical disease. This truth shocks the entire family.

Guddan Tum Se No Payega:

Guddan feeds chocolates to everyone in the family. She celebrates the festival and gives gifts to her bahus. Dadi gets happy with Guddan’s gestures. Akshat finds Guddan bringing peace in the family. Guddan takes up the work responsibilities to prove herself. Akshat wishes Diwali to Guddan. Guddan gets cleaning the house and prepares for Diwali festival. Guddan tries to bring lights in the house by lighting diyas. A stormy wind blows and flickers the diya. Guddan and Akshat protect the diya. They get into a filmy romance. Guddan gets happy to get Akshat’s support. They together perform the puja. Dadi blesses them.

Internet Wala Love:

Aadhya isn’t ready to marry Samrat willingly. She has agreed just for her family’s sake. Samrat’s true colors get known. Samrat manages by shedding fake tears and apologizing to Shubhankar. Jai knows Aadhya isn’t happy with Samrat. He wants to show Samrat’s truth to Aadhya and break the marriage. He calls Aadhya and her family at the party venue. Samrat gets drunk and dances closely with the girls.

Aadhya and her family get shocked on seeing this. Samrat tells the family that someone has spiked his drink and made him do such mistake. Dada ji doesn’t want to forgive Samrat. Even Samrat’s dad accuses him for his misdeeds. Samrat gets slapped. Aadhya reacts puzzled on seeing Samrat’s unseen side. She doesn’t want to marry Samrat and takes Jai’s help. Aadhya and Jai make plans to break the alliance. Jai always wants to help him, but adapts wrong ways. Aadhya asks him to choose the right way for his right intentions.

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