Kasautii Zindagii Kay: Anurag exposes Navin-Malini’s bond

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Kasautii Zindagii Kay: Anurag exposes Navin-Malini’s relation… Navin requests everyone for blessing Prerna and him. He says we are made for each other, our timing to come in this world just got a little differed. Mohini blesses Navin and wants him to live happy. Anurag changes the entire game. Anurag finally exposes Navin’s truth. Anurag reveals about Navin’s huge lie. He tells everyone that Navin is already married. He flashes the pictures on the big screens. He tells everyone that Navin is married to the lady seen in the picture. Navin gets super shocked seeing the pictures.

Furthermore, he wonders how did Anurag reach Malini’s house and get those pictures. He thinks of making some plan to get saved. He fears that Mohini won’t support him if his truth comes out. Anurag asks Navin what will he tell them now, who is the lady in the picture. He tells everyone that he has seen this lady with Navin in the hotel. He contradicts Navin’s statement.

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He asks Navin will he call this a misunderstanding now. He says you are a cheap and dirty-minded man, everyone knows about your truth now. Navin asks Anurag to mind his language. He expresses his love and concern for Mohini and her family. He gets emotionally playing with everyone’s mind. Anurag tells Navin that he will call police. Nivedita stops Anurag from calling police.

Navin tells Mohini that Anurag is lying. He gets stammering. He tries to get Mohini’s support. He tells her that he loves Anurag, since Anurag is her son. He defends himself. He tells Moloy that his guests are already here and Anurag is insulting him. Rajesh tells him that they aren’t Navin’s in-laws now, this marriage will happen only when he proves his innocence. He tells everyone that Navin has to answer their questions. He takes Anurag’s side. He asks Navin to tell them about his relation with the lady. He asks Navin not to term the lady as his friend, since the picture certainly shows their relationship.

Moreover, Navin tells them that he will just answer Prerna. He says nobody has the authority to ask me anything here. He tells them that if Prerna is silent, it clears out that everything is fine. He scolds Anurag for always creating troubles between Prerna and him. He says we are getting married, but you always come in between.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay: Navin defends himself

When Navin insults Anurag and tags him cheaply, Prerna defends Anurag. Prerna asks Navin to answer Anurag, who is the lady. She says everyone is asking you the same and now even I want to know. She wants answers from Navin. Navin tricks the family. He tells everyone that the lady in the picture is his sister-in-law Malini. He doesn’t let Anurag ashame him. Navin proves Anurag a liar. Navin tells Mohini that he will not let Anurag ruin his reputation this way. Navin acts smart to save himself.

Navin is sure that Prerna will not back out from marriage. meanwhile, Anurag tells Prerna that he has done everything to save her life, Navin isn’t right for her. Anurag wants Navin to leave from Prerna’s live. Navin gets back in the game and wins it. Anurag fails to prove Navin’s truth after much ado. Malini reaches the party and clears out Navin’s name. She proves that Navin is like a Lord for her, who is supporting her financially in her life’s tough phase. She gets him a clean chit. Mohini controls Anurag. Navin celebrates his victory. Anurag doesn’t accept defeat. This time, he promises himself that he will expose Navin’s true colors and save Prerna.

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