Silsila: Short leap, new entry and big twists lined


Silsila: Short leap, new entry and big twists lined… Kunal and Nandini will be seen romancing and celebrating their union post marriage. Their happiness will be seen, while Mauli sheds tears for her broken. Mauli’s character will get a revamp while the show brings a short leap. Mauli will be seen in a different modern avatar. She will be seen as a happy person, who has hidden much pain within. She celebrates new happiness in her life. There is an entry of a new guy in her life. The guy is Mauli’s wonderful and loving friend Ishaan. Ishaan brings much happiness in Mauli’s life. Dida and Yamini wish that Ishaan replaces Kunal in Mauli’s life.

They want Mauli to settle down with Ishaan. Ishaan is considered just a friend for Mauli, but he loves her dearly. He likes Mauli as an independent woman. She is living her life as a single mother. Ishaan wants to become her support. He doesn’t expect anything from Mauli. Ishaan is very positive and cheerful. He is a business tycoon. He is very rich, and yet a very humble person. He gets close to Mauli, her daughter and family.

Silsila track

Everyone loves Ishaan. Ishaan brings a lot of gifts for Mauli’s daughter. He loves her dearly. Mauli’s daughter calls Ishaan her father. Ishaan knows Mauli also likes him as a friend. Ishaan is hopeful that she will accept him as a life partner when she changes mind. Mauli doesn’t want to get remarried. Ishaan wants her to decide on her own. He doesn’t compel her to consider re-marriage. Mauli couldn’t get over Kunal’s love. Ishaan loves Mauli along with her past baggage. Ishaan’s sweet charm will add more interesting twists in the coming track. Will Kunal return in Mauli’s life? Keep reading.

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