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YHM: Ruhi brings happiness in the family by accepting Karan’s proposal. The Bhallas face a big let down by Raman’s shocking misbehavior. Raman wants to protect the family and do his best for them. His ways turn more strange when he gets hurting Ishita. Raman wants to prove his capabilities. Ishita’s belief in Raman stays intact. She worries that he may be taking any decision in haste. She doesn’t want more problems to come their way. Ishita already worries about Sudha. She heads to the temple where Iyers have organized a special pre-wedding puja for Rohan and Aaliya. Ishita meets a young couple in love, who are in anger. Ishita decides to save them.

Internet Wala love: Rupa brings Samrat to Jai’s room and shows how Jai and Aadhya are talking. She tells him that Jai and Aadhya are getting closer to each other, and they have developed a liking for each other. She asks him to hurry for the wedding else he will lose Aadhya. Aadhya promises Jai that she will not marry Samrat and will talk to Shubhankar. Dadu comes to Jai’s room and sees Jai and Aadhya talking and get clued about their fondness. Jai waits for Aadhya at the radio station.

Jai gets mesmerized seeing her. Aadhya asks if he doesn’t want to tell her anything. Jai asks if she talked to her Papa that she doesn’t want to marry Samrat. Rupa comes there and asks Aadhya to talk to Shubhankar Live in her radio programme. Jai and Aadhya get tensed. Jai comes with a unique solution for Aadhya’s problem.

Nandini completes her Karwachauth fast for Kunal by performing the puja. The relations change once again. Kunal comes back to Nandini, when he had to be with Mauli. He doesn’t care for Mauli’s Karwachauth fast. Mauli sheds tears that she has lost Kunal again. She doesn’t want Kunal to feel suffocated and unhappy. In contrast, Nandini wants Kunal and Mauli’s happiness. Nandini knows Kunal won’t come to end her fast. She sees Kunal’s picture for ending the fast. She gets a good surprise when she sees Kunal there. She learns about Mauli’s pregnancy lie. Kunal believes that Mauli did pregnancy drama to separate them. He is grateful that the news isn’t true and now nothing can come between Nandini and him.

Jijaji Chath Par Hai:

Murari’s anger breaks out on Pancham and Ilaychi. He doesn’t listen to anyone. He vents out anger on Pancham. He asks Pancham to focus on his work. He finds Pancham getting lazy. He tells Pancham that he will fire him from work. He gets cursing Pancham in a hilarious way. Pancham asks Murari why is he cursing him. Murari asks am I the helper in my own shop. He asks Pancham not to make any excuses. He wants Pancham to get discipline. Karuna plans to go for a movie. Karuna angers Murari by her wishes.

Murari refuses to take her for the movie. She sheds tears. Pancham asks Murari to go out and enjoy, he will manage the shop. Ilaychi cheers up Murari and Karuna. She says Pancham and I will also accompany you. Murari asks Pancham not to follow him anywhere. He asks Pancham to just be at the shop.


Shivay gets back to his office with all confidence and style. He throws off his SSO attitude. He knows people like his arrogance and attitude, so he wants to give them that. He has seen everyone disrespecting him when he melted his heart. He doesn’t want to accept any nonsense from office staff or his brothers. He begins teaching lessons to those who don’t understand by love. Shivay opposes Rudra in the office, while Omkara becomes a negotiator for them. Omkara is happy that Shivay has joined the office for the betterment of the company.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay: Anurag exposes Navin-Malini’s relation…

Navin requests everyone for blessing Prerna and him. He says we are made for each other, our timing to come in this world just got a little differed. Mohini blesses Navin and wants him to live happy. Anurag changes the entire game. Anurag finally exposes Navin’s truth. Anurag reveals about Navin’s huge lie. He tells everyone that Navin is already married. He flashes the pictures on the big screens. He tells everyone that Navin is married to the lady seen in the picture. Navin gets super shocked seeing the pictures.


Sameer takes Soumya out of the house. Soumya sees the moon to break her karwachauth fast and is about to see Sameer, when he bends down to pick something. Soumya tries to look at Sameer through the mesh, but she gets surprised to see Harman running towards her. She gets shocked. Harman flees from Lavneet’s captivity. Lavneet comes behind him and tries to kidnap him. Soumya’s fast gets broken seeing Harman. She gets flashes of her past with him. Sameer gets upset that he couldn’t break Soumya’s fast. Lavneet gets crazy and stoops lower. Raavi decides to take Balwinder to her house so that he tells her the secret of the attack on Soumya and Harman.

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