Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ishra’s big enemy gets revealed

Spoiler Ye Hai Mohabbatein Raman and Ishita to die

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ishra’s big enemy gets revealed… Rohan orders the food and gets it organized so that everyone gets happy. Mani compliments Rohan for his arrangements. The family likes the delicious food. Ishita tells Mr. Bhalla that she will go and get the garlands. She takes Raman’s car for the task. She picks the garlands from the shop and pays for the order. She gets a huge shock on seeing the dead bodies inside Raman’s drunk. She gets afraid. She worries knowing that Vijendra has trapped Raman. She can’t believe that Neelam and Kartik are dead. She falls weak by the sight. She understands that Vijendra has killed the lovers and got free of the crimes.

Vijendra blackmails Raman and asks him to fulfill his task. He wants Raman to dump the bodies. He lies to Raman about the bags. He reminds Raman about the huge loan he has taken from him. Raman tries to hurry up for the task. He learns that Ishita has taken the car. When Ishita comes home, he finds Ishita in a terrified state. He wants to rush away with the car. She questions him about Vijendra’s misdeeds. She tells him that Vijendra has trapped him in the dirty game. He tells her that he just needs to leave. Before she could show the dead bodies to Raman, Sudha gets police there. Sudha insists the police to arrest Raman, since he has killed Neelam and Kartik. Sudha wants police to check Raman’s cars.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ishra’s big enemy gets revealed

Raman tells the police that he knows who has kept the bags. Raman gets charged for the murder. Ishita confesses the crime. She tells them that she has killed Neelam and Kartik. She wants to fail Vijendra and Sudha’s planning of getting Raman arrested. Raman asks Ishita not to make a huge sacrifice. Ishita wants him to be with the family, since he is their strength. Sudha asks inspector to arrest both of them.

Ishita wants Sudha to stay out of their family matter. Ishita asks Raman to think about Ruhi and Aaliya before taking any step. Ishita surrenders to police. Inspector arrests Ishita, even when Raman shouts her innocence. Ishita gets interrogated for the murders. Raman tells inspector that Ishita is innocent. He doesn’t want Ishita to lie. Inspector asks him to bring out the culprit if he wants to free Ishita. Raman realizes that Vijendra is Sudha’s brother. Sudha has framed Raman and Ishita in the big trouble. Raman gets ready to do anything to free Ishita from jail.

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