Ishqbaaz Rudra feels guilty over his misdeeds

Ishqbaaz: Dadi's past relationship comes into picture

Ishqbaaz Rudra feels guilty over his misdeeds… Shivay gives an assurance to Dadi that he will find Rudra and get him back before the Diwali Maha Aarti. He promises that they will be doing puja together this Diwali. He tells Dadi that Omkara and Rudra will be doing Aarti with him like always. He gives Dadi and Bhavya’s responsibility to Anika. He asks her to look after everyone in his absence. She gets glad when he behaves normal with her. She gives him a spiritual idol for good luck. She assures him that she will always support him. Bhavya gets information about the bookie Tony. Omkara tells Shivay that he will find Rudra.

Shivay tells him that Rudra is even his brother. Shivay asks Omkara not to worry. The brothers have an emotional moment. Omkara stays back to console Bhavya. Aruna Nani asks Dadi not to give tension to the family. She asks her to get fine if she wants to become the family strength again. Dadi gets convinced by her. Meanwhile, Shivay reaches Tony to know about Rudra. Tony refuses to reveal anything. He asks him to pay money first. Shivay refuses to him. He reprimands him for ruining decent families by betting.

Tony threatens him about Rudra. Shivay also threatens them. He reminds that that he has killed Tej for the sake of family, and they can kill them too. Tony gives him some information about Rudra. Bhavya informs Omkara about the tracker fixed in his watch. Bhavya sheds tears for Rudra. Shivay tracks Rudra. He wants to save Rudra and take him home. Anika looks after Bhavya and cheers her up. She tells her that they should better prepare for Diwali and welcome Rudra home. Aruna tells them that Shivay can’t do anything alone. She asks Bhavya to take help from police. Bhavya loses hopes.

Anika diverts her mind. Anika wants Bhavya to be happy. Aruna hurts Anika’s heart on Shivay’s saying. She asks Twinkle to just continue the drama. Aruna also values Anika as a person. She wishes Shivay doesn’t leave his wife.

Shivay finally reaches Rudra. He gets scared of the darkness around. He still battles with his inner fears and then goes on to battle with the goons, who hurt Rudra. Shivay bashes the goons. Anika prays for Shivay and lights a diya. Shivay gets saved by her prayers. He gets the help from police. Rudra learns that Shivay has saved his life. Inspector asks Rudra to be grateful to his brother. Shivay asks Rudra to confess about the bookies involved. Rudra agrees to him. He realizes his mistakes. Rudra feels guilty. He returns home and tells everyone that Shivay has saved his life.

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