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High Five Spoilers: Shakti and more… Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai: Sameer tells Vishaka about Naina and tells that she taught him responsibility, realizing mistakes, behaving nicely with family and to study well. He tells that he loves Naina. He says that they were in the same school. Vishaka asks if she is the same girl whom whose father got him punished in school. Sameer tells her that everything is changed now. Vishaka says a person’s behavior will never change. Sameer says their love is not affected by anyone’s behavior. He loves Naina a lot. Vishaka doesn’t like Naina because of the past happening. Sameer tries to convince her.

Aapke Aa Jane Se:

Sahil and Vedika have a romantic moment in their new world. Sahil meets Bhoomi and gives her divorce papers. He also names his property to Bhoomi. She gets a big shock. She tells him that she didn’t wish to get his property, she really loves him. Sahil doesn’t listen to her and goes away. Sahil expresses his love to Vedika in front of everyone. Vedika gets shy. Sahil and Vedika spend quality time.

Internet Wala Love:
Aadhya gets ready to do the rasam with Samrat. Jai wakes up under Aadhya’s bed and finds out the letter which Aadhya wrote for Shubhankar. He reads it and understands that she attempted to break her marriage with Samrat and tried to convey her feelings using this letter, and thinks then what happened. He thinks Shubhankar shall read this letter. Rupa asks Shubhankar to bring sindoor decorated in the puja plate. Jai keeps the letter in the puja plate and hopes Shubhankar reads the letter. Aadhya and Samrat are about to do puja. Jai gets tensed.


Ishika and Roop get married seeing Rupesh critical condition. Rupesh gets relieved that Ishika is with the right man who will always protect her. After the marriage, Roop tells Ishika that her dad understands her well, he knows how kiddish and childish she is. He says we both don’t want this marriage to happen this way, but what to do, we are now married. Ishika asks him not to think that they will live happily ever after. Roop jokes that nobody can stay with you happily ever after. He says I can’t bear you or your nonsense talk for more. They are tied by the nuptial bond.

Bepannaah: Aditya and Zoya romance in their bedroom, run and chase each other when suddenly Rajneer’s Nani enters their bedroom. Aditya and Zoya are shocked and look at her. Nani asks Aditya why did he stop and asks him to kiss Zoya. Aditya and Zoya look worried as their real love is revealed to her.

Lavneet demands her share from Veeran, Varun and Kishan Lal. She asks them to help her get Harman back in her life. Sameer’s mum tries to drift Harman and Soumya apart to fulfill her motives of killing Soumya later after her marriage with Sameer. Harman comes to meet Soumya later in the night. Soumya asks what are you doing here? Harman tells her that she knows that his friend is not bad like the neighbors had said. Soumya says she knows and tells that she can’t meet him as she is going to marry soon. Harman says I will come and meet you some way. Soumya asks him to swear that he will not meet her again. Harman gets stunned.

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