Silsila: Kunal realizes strange bond with Mishti

Silsila: Mishti's misdeed comes as a shocker

Silsila: Kunal realizes strange bond with Mishti… Mauli enjoys spending time with Pari and Mishti. She feels happy that she got another daughter. Pari wins everyone’s heart by her sweetness. Mauli and Ishaan try to pamper Pari. Mauli reminisces Nandini. Yamini doesn’t want Mauli to get troubled by the past. They have no idea that Kunal is returning to Mauli’s life because of Pari. Mauli doesn’t have any feelings left for Kunal, since Kunal has denied to accept her pregnancy. Mauli hates Kunal. She doesn’t want Mishti to know about Kunal ever. She is happy that Mishti finds a father figure in Ishaan. Mauli promises that she will always stay unaffected by Kunal’s presence. Mauli tells Yamini that she will not let Kunal’s shadow fall over Mishti.

She doesn’t want her past to influence Mishti’s future. Mauli loves Pari equally as Mishti. Kunal calls on the contact number and vents out anger. He wants his daughter back.

Silsila: Kunal realizes strange bond with Mishti

Ishaan speaks to him and decides to return Pari to him by meeting at the restaurant. Kunal and Mauli have a close hit and miss. Mauli senses Kunal’s presence. She fails to meet Kunal. She doesn’t see him and leaves from the restaurant. Mauli gets urgent work. Mauli rushes for the emergency at the hospital. She asks Ishaan to meet Pari’s father and also relieve the latter’s tension. Ishaan assures Mauli that he will stay with the girls.

Kunal rushes to meet Pari. He wants to just hug her. Kunal happens to meet Mishti when he reaches the cafe to pick his daughter. Ishaan becomes the mediator. Ishaan tells Kunal that he is Mishti’s father. Ishaan and Kunal have their first meet. Ishaan has no idea about Kunal being Mauli’s ex-husband. Kunal enjoys his time with Pari and Mishti. He loves Pari a lot, since Pari is Nandini’s last sign. Kunal doesn’t know that Mishti is also his daughter. He feels some connection with Mishti. He wonders what’s the strange link joining them. Mishti recollects Pari’s words when she meets Kunal.

Kunal picks Pari. He apologizes to Ishaan for talking to him rudely. Pari tells Kunal about Mishti’s mum Mauli who is really good. She wants to invite Mauli and Mishti home. She asks Kunal to invite Ishaan right away. Kunal feels Pari is very happy because of Mishti’s family. Kunal agrees to Pari. He invites Ishaan to come to his home for dinner. He asks Ishaan to get his entire family along. Ishaan accepts the invitation when the girls insist. Will Kunal realize the big truth that Mishti is his daughter? Keep reading.

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