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TR’s Quick Reads on Telly Reviews… Silsila: Kunal unknowingly meets Mishti. He feels happy to meet her. He thanks Ishaan for taking care of Pari. He tells him how much Pari matters to him, she means the world to him. Ishaan understands him as he also loves Mishti the same way.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay: Anurag and Prerna perform the Laxmi puja. Navin’s clothes get spoiled. He makes a quick leave. Pandit makes Prerna complete the puja with Anurag. He blesses their pairing. Mohini turns upset on seeing this. She clears out that Prerna is marrying Navin.

Roop triggers the trauma to scare Shivay. He also sees someone’s shadow. He hears Tej’s voice. He gets terrified. He wonders what’s happening with him. Shivay gets puzzled with the incidents. Roop wants to make Shivay insane. She plays the evil drama alone. She wants to break the brothers’ unity. Roop tries to put the blame on Rudra, since the latter has really attempted to drive Shivay mad.

Aapke Aa Jane Se:
Sahil and Vedika are very happy in their happy family. Sahil shows a wonderful surprise. He gets the house decorated. He dances with Arya and Vedika. He tells Vedika that its his duty to keep her happy. He feels freed from Bhoomi. He doesn’t want any bad influence on Vedika. Sahil and Vedika are together. Sahil surprises Arya on the birthday. The family celebrates the birthday. Vedika feels Sahil completed her world. She surprises Sahil and tells him the good news of her pregnancy. Sahil assures her that they will always be together.

Guddan Tum Se Na Ho Payega:

Guddan calls Akshat for help. She informs him that she is locked up in some cupboard. Akshat faces difficulty and reaches her. He saves Guddan once again. He gets her home. He fails Durga’s plans once again. He wants Guddan to perform the Diwali puja with him. Dadi gets glad seeing Guddan. She calls Guddan her house Laxmi. She makes Guddan and Akshat do the puja together. Durga gets angered on seeing Guddan. Guddan wants to take revenge on Durga. She exposes Durga by showing the evidence against her. Akshat doesn’t want to punish Durga. He understands Guddan is saying the truth.


Aditya and Zoya’s fake fights continue. The couple prepares for Diwali celebrations. They realize that someone from the house is informing Rajveer and his Nani. They know they are being watched. They get arguing to show their enemy. Anjana gets troubled with their daily fights. She insists Aditya to leave Zoya and marry Sanjana.

Ishq Mein Marjawa:

Deep gets angry when he learns that CCTV footage is missing. He asks Abhimanyu what is he doing, can’t he do his work well. He wants Abhimanyu to provide security to the family. He tells Abhimanyu that they have failed to save Bindiya’s life. Deep wants to find the culprit. He gets no clues because of missing footage.

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