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TGI Friday 7 Upcoming Telly Hits 28th June 2019

TGI Friday’s Telly Spoilers on Telly Reviews… Internet Wala love: Shubhankar thanks Samrat for helping them so much and says you even dropped us at home on this Diwali day. He asks him to take the Diwali gift and slaps him hard. He breaks Aadhya and Samrat’s alliance and asks how dare you to misbehave with my daughter, you troubled her and she was quiet till now. Samrat gets angry. Shubhankar tells his decision to his family. Aadhya gets relieved, but worries about Dadu and Dadi’s reaction. Shubhankar tells her that it is a matter of her life. Samrat thinks what to do and acts on her plan. He asks Aadhya to open the door else he will kill himself. Shubhankar, Aadhya and others come out and see Samrat slitting his hand. Samrat does a suicide drama. This news reaches Jai and shocks him.

Soumya gets worried for Harman and thinks what neighbors had done with him. Sameer asks her to remember just that she is going to marry him and threatens to kill Harman if she refuses. Soumya being worried for Harman comes out. Harman sees her and tells her that Preeto said that Khushi will not come, but he was sure that she will come. Soumya says I worry for you and it doesn’t need any mention. Harman says if you worry for me so much then marry me. Soumya tells him that she can’t marry him and tells him that it is too late now, as she is going to marry Sameer. She asks him to forget her. Harman tells her that he can never forget her.

Bepannaah: Arjun saves Noor’s respect from some guys. Zoya and Aditya sit for the puja and look at each other. Pandit tells him about God Vishnu gave a message that every means is right to destroy evil. Zoya gets an idea and thinks we will do this. Aditya comes in disguise of an old house owner of Rajveer’s house and collides with his car intentionally. Watchman says he is your house owner and came to meet you. Aditya goes inside with them. Nani asks do you want to take tea, coffee. Aditya says whiskey. She drinks whiskey while Aditya doesn’t drink. Nani sleeps due to drowsiness. Aditya goes to room and checks for the proofs against them.

Tujhse Hai Raabta: Kalyani tells Malhar about Sampada’s kidnapping. Malhar didn’t hear her. Atharv gets tensed. Kalyani takes sniffer dog out in the night and asks him to take her to Sampada. Sniffer dog goes to a house and barks. Kalyani breaks the door and goes inside. She finds her tied to the bed and is in bad condition.

Roop: Ishika and Roop wander on the road. Roop offers to drop her to her house, but she refuses to go. Haren Patel threatens Rupesh and takes his signatures on the property papers. Kanchan asks him not to sign. Rupesh signs and cries. Haren Patel asks his sons to throw Rupesh and Kanchan out of the house. They lift his wheelchair to throw him out. Kanti and her elder bahu push Kanchan out of the house. Will Roop save his in-laws from Haren Patel’s dirty trick.

Yeh Rishta: Kartik-Naira to face a threatening situation.. Kartik and Naira confront Samarth for his evil motives. They get doubtful that Samarth is the person who is breaking their house peace. They realize how much Samarth hates them, when they get a clue of Samarth’s craze. Kartik wants to put a stop to Samarth’s evil. Samarth has come to Goenka family as the Raavan who would burn their happiness, unity and love. He feels he is the supreme. Samarth tells Kartik that he isn’t young or poor to lose out to Goenkas now. He wants to give it back to Goenkas, who have snatched everything from him, including his happy childhood.

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai: Naina gets nervous meeting Vishaka. Vishaka doesn’t like her looks but agrees for Sameer’s happiness. Neha and Sameer get happy. Naina touches her feet happily. Later they sing, dance, and romance in the lift and celebrate their happiness.

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