Big twists ahead in Kumkum Bhagya and Kundali Bhagya

Kumkum Bhagya and Kundali Bhagya

Kumkum Bhagya: Purab brings Kiara home for Diwali celebrations. Disha hopes Kiara calls mamma to Pragya in front of Abhi. Disha knows that Pragya immensely loves Abhi. She is also aware of the fact that Abhi loves Pragya equally. She wishes Abhi and Pragya unites. Tanu hides the fake marriage truth from everyone, so that Abhi stays restrained in the namesake relation. Kiara comes inside holding her doll in her hand. Disha says if Kiara calls her Mamma then Pandit ji talks be will proved right, that dutiful bahu Pragya will do aarti with her husband and will be happy always. Kiara sees Abhi and Pragya standing together.

Tanu insults Pragya and asks her to be in limits and maintain distance with Abhi. She tells her that she came to know about her intentions and that she had kept karwachauth fast for her husband. Kiara can’t see her mother’s insult. Kiara goes to answer Tanu and defend Pragya. Disha tries to bring Abhi around and witness this.

Kundali Bhagya:

Shrishti catches Prithvi and Monisha talking in the room. She hears Prithvi’s intentions to ruin Luthra family with Monisha’s help. She confronts Prithvi for his bad intentions and threatens to tell everyone. Prithvi holds her hand and pushes her with force, but Preeta comes and holds her. Preeta says so you are the one who is trying to ruin Luthra family. Prithvi says you are my would my wife and shall support me.

Preeta asks him to shut up and tells that she will never become marry him. She says you only deserve this and raises her hand to slap him, but Prithvi holds her hand. Shrishti looks on. Karan gets angry with Prithvi. Preeta is shocked to see Prithvi’s real face. Preeta takes a big step and ends her forming relation with Prithvi. This takes Karan with a surprise. He applauds Preeta for her amazing move.

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Mishti and Pari will be repeating the history of Mauli and Nandini. They turn into great friends like their mothers. Mishti and Pari care for each other and can risk lives too. They don’t know that they are step-sisters. Mishti tells Mauli and Ishaan about Pari’s dad, who is a nice person. She praises him as he has treated her injuries with much love and care. Mauli asks her did she become his fan so soon. She feeds medicines to Mishti. Ishaan calls up Kunal to complain about Mishti. He invites Kunal for dinner. He praises Radhika Maa’s culinary skills and asks him to come over. Pari finishes the work and gets ready to meet Mishti. Kunal feels guilty over his past. He didn’t imagine that his daughter will take him back to the memory lane.

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