Silsila: Kunal’s homecoming brings huge twists

Silsila: Kunal's homecoming brings huge twists

Silsila: Kunal’s homecoming brings huge twists… Kunal treats Mishti’s leg injury, while Mauli meets Pari to treat her. Kunal and Mauli have a hit and miss at the hospital. Mishti praises Pari’s father. Mauli and Ishaan try to feed the medicine to Mishti. Mishti refuses. Ishaan makes her talk to Kunal on phone. Kunal convinces Mishti to take the medicines. Mauli gets surprised seeing the influence of Pari’s father on Mishti. Ishaan invites Kunal home for Diwali celebrations.

Furthermore, Kunal recalls Mauli when Pari talks about Mishti’s mother. Kunal and Pari make a Rangoli together. Kunal struggles to make a good design. Pari tells him that they will soon go to Mauli’s house. He asks her the name of Mishti’s mother. Pari tells him that Mishti’s mother is very pretty, but she doesn’t know her name. Pari takes Kunal to Mishti’s house.

Silsila: Kunal meets his family

He gets a shock when Pari guides him to the address, and takes him to his old house. He gets nostalgic seeing his building. He asks if she is sure that Mishti lives here. Pari tells him that Mishti lives with his mumma and family. He gets scared and wants to avoid his family. He didn’t wish to face them. Kunal drops Pari to the house. He fails to see Mauli with Mishti, while they burn the firecrackers in the compound. Kunal lets the girls enjoy. Kunal shares his childhood memories with Pari. Yamini doesn’t let him leave. He is ashamed of his deeds. He knows that his family didn’t accept Nandini and will never accept Pari too.

Moreover, Kunal and Yamini have a huge breakdown. Kunal returns to his home after a long time. Yamini gets overjoyed with his coming. She learns that Pari is Kunal and Nandini’s daughter. She gets a huge shock when Pari addresses him as father. Kunal meets Dadi. He didn’t plan anything, but comes face to face to Mauli. Kunal gets into an emotional phase. Pari gets him to introduce Mishti’s family. He is happy to meet his mum and grandmum. Dida hugs Kunal with much affection like before.

Silsila: Mauli and Kunal come face to face

They re-unite and regret over the past. Kunal gets to see Mauli with Ishaan. He learns that Mauli is going to marry Ishaan. He wonders if Mauli is really in love with Ishaan and moved on in life. He gets a surprising shock when he finds Mishti with Mauli. He realizes his huge mistake of doubting Mauli’s pregnancy. Also, he understands that Mishti is his daughter. Meanwhile, Mauli and Ishaan share a moment. Mauli respects Ishaan a lot. They have a close awkward moment.

Ishaan helps Mauli in getting ready. He wants Mauli to look the best as always. Ishaan loves Mauli a lot, but she just regards him a good friend. Mauli stays confused over moving on with Ishaan because of her bad past with Kunal. Dida suggests Mauli to marry Ishaan soon and start a new life. She likes Ishaan a lot. She feels Ishaan will be the right guy for Mauli. Dida guides Mauli as always. What will be Mauli deciding for her future? Keep reading.

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