Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Sikandar turns into Kulfi’s angel

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala voices out her suppressed pain

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Sikandar turns into Kulfi’s angel… Kulfi faces trouble in her school when everyone calls her a dirty girl and refuse to befriend her. This turns out to be a nightmare. She gets stressed about going to school. Tevar makes Kulfi ready. He is called for the important meeting. Tevar doesn’t want to rush for the meeting, since he has to go and drop Kulfi to the school. Kulfi learns his problem and asks him to go for the meeting. Tevar agrees to her. Sikandar makes Amyra ready for the school. Tevar calls Sikandar for help. He asks Sikandar to drop Kulfi to the school. Sikandar asks Tevar to go for the meeting, he will take the girls. Lovely turns upset that Sikandar is going to pick Kulfi.

She asks Amyra to see how much Sikandar is doing for Kulfi. She instigates Amyra against Kulfi. Sikandar takes the girls to school. Amyra gets upset with Sikandar. Sikandar cheers them and teaches them the importance of plants. Kulfi learns few things from him. Tevar meets a music company owner, who cancels the contract.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala:

Tevar doesn’t deny to sing any song. He tells the owner that he will record the song in a single day. The owner holds rights to cancel the exclusive contract. He tells Tevar that he will free him from the contract and now he can go to any other producer. Tevar gets angry. Sikandar gives few books to Kulfi. He blesses her and asks her to go for her first day. Kulfi gets nervous. Sikandar stays back to boost her morale. She tries to befriend the kids, but fails. She feels her nightmare has turned true.

Kulfi struggles to adjust in the school. Sikandar finds her crying and runs to help her. He asks her the problem. He gives her a solution. Sikandar acts smart and guides Kulfi about recognizing the books of various subjects. Kulfi gets happy to have him always. He becomes her angel once again. She returns to her class and joins back. She gets a note from teacher. She tries to study well. Lovely acts mean and gets determined to make Amyra against Kulfi.

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