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TR’s Quick Reads On Telly Reviews.. Internet Wala Love: Aadhya feels guilty for Samrat’s condition and accepts his request when he asks her to give him a chance. Dadi tells about the puja at home. Aadhya says once Samrat gets fine, Puja will happen with his wish and marriage also. Jai gets shocked with her decision. Shubhankar doesn’t understand why is she taking such a decision against her wish. Jai holds Aadhya’s hand and asks her what is happening, why is she ruining her life for Samrat’s childishness. Aadhya asks why are you getting so much angry? Jai wants to profess his love.


Roop decides to stay with Rupesh and Kanchan in their house for their safety. Ranvir returns home and tells Shamsher that he did right with the girl and Roop and now he needs his blessings. Shamsher gets up angrily and beats him with his belt. He says you have aimed gun at a girl and kidnapped her, being a Police officer. He asks did you forget your position. He asks him not to come to his house again. Ranvir holds the belt and tells that it was enough. He tells him that he will take revenge on him, Roop and Ishika.

Mariam Khan – Reporting LIVE:

Majaaz comes to meet Fawad at his office to threaten him. He doesn’t want Fawad to reveal his truth on the news channel. Fawad asks Majaaz to go ahead and kill him, but he won’t give the pen drive. He challenges the goons to kill him. Mariam Khan stops Majaaz and tells him that she is responsible for everything. She defends Fawad. She tells them that she has uploaded the content by mistake. She accepts her mistake. Mariam finally comes face to face with Majaaz. She recognizes him and cries. She gets threatened by him. She can’t believe that he has become a terrorist. She recalls that Majaaz has been a superhero for her always. She tells him that she has destroyed the pendrive.


Sameer gets Harman arrested. Soumya feels bad for him and realizes her love for him. She thinks even she loves him, but is bounded by the promise she made to Sameer. On the marriage day, Harman comes to her and asks her not to marry her. He says I love you immensely. Soumya is in dilemma.

Tujhse Hai Raabta:

Anupriya acts as she is possessed by Devi and beats Atharv with the hunter. Everyone stands shocked. Kalyani uses sniffer dog’s help and reaches a house. She thinks if Sampada is kept captive here. She breaks the lock and gets inside. She finds Sampada tied to the bed and is in bad condition. She unties and frees her. She brings her home.

Dastaan-E-Mohabbat: Salim-Anarkali mark their rebellion… Salim distributes gifts to the poor people. Akbar tries to bring the people together on the eve of Diwali. Salim is happy to be part of the celebrations. He learns that Anarkali is in danger. He rushes out of the palace, while Rukaiya gets happy. Anarkali is sent to get the special gift for Salim from the market. Suraiya wants Anarkali to get killed by the robbers. Anarkali gets trapped by the goons. Salim reaches there on time and saves Anarkali. He doesn’t know that Suraiya is doing everything to kill Anarkali and separate them forever.

Kunal’s mum sees his glimpse in the temple and is shocked. Kunal calls Ishaan and asks him about Mishti’s condition. Ishaan says she is fine. Mauli asks Ishaan to invite Pari’s family. Kunal hears her voice and is shocked. He gets suspicious that he has heard Mauli’s voice.

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