Internet Wala Love: Finally, Samrat gets exposed

Internet Wala Love Jai on verge of realizing love

Internet Wala Love: Finally, Samrat gets exposed…Jai and Aadhya meet once again in Samrat’s birthday celebrations. Samrat plans to get engaged to Aadhya. Aadhya has organized everything with a plan on her mind. Samrat is convinced that Aadhya likes him and will not do anything against him. Samrat thinks Aadhya is reciprocating his feelings. He thinks his plan is becoming successful. He makes Roop makes the announcement of his engagement. Roop makes the announcement. Aadhya makes Shubhankar speak some good praise of Samrat. Samrat likes her surprise.

Aadhya invites Samrat’s ex-girlfriends to expose Samrat. Jai is missing from the party. Aadhya asks Jai’s friends to call Jai and find him. Aadhya plans to expose Samrat in the party and cancel the engagement. Aadhya and Jai are trapping Samrat. Aadhya plays a game with Samrat. She wants to expose him.

She keeps a quiz competition and tells them that the winner will punish the loser. Aadhya answers all the questions. She wins the game. Samrat wonders how does she knows so much. Samrat stays happy that Aadhya is taking interest in him. Aadhya slaps Samrat and tells everyone that she has punished the loser. Everyone takes it light and thinks its part of the game. Samrat understands that she knows a lot about him and maybe his truth too. He worries about Aadhya learning his truth. Jai supports Aadhya.


Samrat will take revenge on Aadhya and Jai. He wants to know the source who is giving all his information to Aadhya. He gets a huge shock on seeing his girlfriends. Aadhya succeeds to expose Samrat in front of the media and families. What will Samrat do next? Keep reading.

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