Ishqbaaz: Shivay and Anika’s stern clash

Ishqbaaz: Shivay and Anika's stern clash

Ishqbaaz: Shivay and Anika’s stern clash… Anika calls Twinkle’s lover home. She tells Twinkle that she has spotted them together and learnt their love story. She asks Twinkle to keep her love for Chintu. Anika tells her that she has called Chintu home for her sake. Twinkle tells Anika that she regards Shivay as her brother. She apologizes to Anika for doing the drama on Aruna’s saying. Anika gets glad with it. Shivay gets stubborn and wants Anika out some how. Roop prepares a shocker for him. Shivay gets traumatized on hearing Tej’s voice. He wonders who is doing this. He tries to find out and gets a voice recorder. Shivay turns normal when the lights get on. He gets suspecting on Rudra for this dirty trick. Rudra bumps into him.

Shivay gets upset with him. Omkara asks Rudra if he has done something wrong with Shivay. Rudra denies to know anything. Omkara asks Rudra not to take tensions and look after his life. Rudra feels guilty for troubling Shivay before. He wants to apologize to Shivay again. Shivay wonders if Rudra is doing this or is it someone else. He gets panicking with the past. Anika finds Shivay in shock and asks the reason. He gets angry on her. She apologizes to him. Roop wants to target Shivay and send him out of the house. Shivay gets another another attack. He hurts Anika in rage and then worries for her. He realizes his pain getting higher. He wants to make Anika away from him. He tells her that she isn’t safe with him.

Anika doesn’t want to leave him. He feels he is still a beast dealing with his trauma. He doesn’t want to hurt her anymore. He doesn’t want to attack her again. He wants to make her out of his life forever.

Shivay makes up his mind to distant Anika from his life. He calls the pandit home to get his marriage mahurat. Anika knows his drama very well. She asks Twinkle to put an end to the drama. Twinkle gets helpless because of Shivay. She tells Anika that Shivay has helped her dad financially and now she has to obey him. Twinkle wants to help Shivay, who is doing everything for Anika’s betterment. Anika gets hurt when Shivay expresses his happiness for his remarriage.

She confronts Shivay for breaking her heart and insulting her. He tells her that he doesn’t want her in his life anymore, he wants freedom from her. Anika tells him that if he doesn’t care for her, she will better leave. She wants to break the marriage, since he isn’t wishing to keep it. He tells her that he doesn’t care for her. Anika gets heartbroken with his bitter things. She tells him that she will leave from his life if he will get happiness. He succeeds to earn her hatred. She decides to leave from his life. Shivay starts missing her and realizes her worth.

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