High Five Spoilers: Ishq SubhanAllah and more

Telly Spoilers Shakti Ishq SubhanAllah Top 7 Today

Ishq SubhanAllah: Kabeer and Zara have a romantic moment. Kabeer tells her that he will relief her stress by a good massage. Zara runs away and asks him why is he acting so weird. He tells her that they are married, he is her husband. He asks her if the foot massage is helping her. She finds his mood cheerful. She shows him the new project file and asks his opinion. He disapproves the project. He tells her that he has already explained her the negativity of the project. He doesn’t want her to take responsibility of the project. He gets upset with her. He gives her a choice and asks her to either choose him or the project. Zara tries to end his annoyance. She tells him that she will always choose him over the world’s happiness.


Ishika gets drunk and dances romantically. She confesses love to Roop. Ranvir makes a cheap plan again. Roop saves Ishika from Ranvir’s evil. He slaps Ranvir and warns him for staying away from Ishika. Roop and Ishika have a cute argument. He breaks into laughter hearing her silly talks. Roop puts her to sleep.


Bhawri catches Suraj and Chakor. Rajeshwari commands Bhawri to kill them. Bhawri tortures Suraj in front of Chakor. Chakor begs them to leave Suraj and sheds tears. Chakor wants Suraj to get freed. Rajeshwari wants the revenge for Bacha Pandey’s death. Vikram tells Suraj that he has much courage, but now he can’t do anything. Rajeshwari asks Suraj to see what they can do. Suraj and Chakor have to reach Anjor and give her the antidote to save her life. The villagers support Vikram and help him capture Suraj and Chakor. Rajeshwari instigates the villagers to trouble their enemies. Suraj and Chakor encourage each other. Once Vikram and Rajeshwari leave, Suraj and Chakor struggle and free each other. They have a hug and plan their escape.

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega:
Dutta reaches Akshat and uses the chloroform to faint Akshat. He ties up Akshat to the chair. Akshat doesn’t know who is the attacker. He falls unconscious. Dutta is Akshat’s old enemy. He wants revenge on Akshat. Guddan will be saving Akshat this time. Akshat is in big danger. Dutta wants to take over Akshat’s business. Akshat hates Dutta for the fraud. Dutta wants to kill Akshat. Guddan reaches in time and saves her husband.

Ishq Mein Marjawa:

Mausi gets killed. Vasundara gets a huge shock on knowing this. Deep, Tara and Aarohi want to know who has murdered Mausi. He will start his investigation and find out. Deep is protective for Vasundara. He doesn’t want her to fall in any danger. Aarohi looks after Vasundara as her nurse. Abhimanyu reaches there and finds Mausi dead. He assures Deep that he will be with Vasundara all the time to safeguard her. Deep yells at him. Tara wants to find Virat soon.

Internet Wala Love: Finally, Samrat gets exposed…Jai and Aadhya meet once again in Samrat’s birthday celebrations. Samrat plans to get engaged to Aadhya. Aadhya has organized everything with a plan on her mind. Samrat is convinced that Aadhya likes him and will not do anything against him. Samrat thinks Aadhya is reciprocating his feelings. He thinks his plan is becoming successful. He makes Roop makes the announcement of his engagement. Roop makes the announcement. Aadhya makes Shubhankar speak some good praise of Samrat. Samrat likes her surprise.

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