Silsila: Mauli and Kunal’s awkward dinner date

Silsila: Mauli and Kunal's awkward dinner date

Silsila: Mauli and Kunal’s awkward dinner date… Mauli and Kunal meet on the dinner date because of their daughters. Ishaan invites Kunal and Pari home and plans a dinner with them. Ishaan confirms the dinner plan and calls up Kunal to rush fast. Kunal tells Ishaan that he is on the way. Kunal gets a big shock on seeing Mauli with Ishaan. He gets a new misconception. He feels Mauli has married Ishaan, and they have a daughter Mishti. He gets this thought seeing Mauli and Ishaan’s close moment. He is happy for Mauli and thinks she has moved on. He wants Mauli to stay happy with her husband. Mauli and Kunal get uncomfortable because of each other’s presence.

Pari tells Ishaan that Kunal is her buddy. Mishti tells Pari that they shall have Panipuri competition. Mauli recalls her days with Nandini. She has more of bad memories regarding Nandini and Kunal’s deceive. Ishaan tells Mauli that he hasn’t see such a pure friendship before. He likes to watch Mishti and Pari. Mauli avoids Kunal. Ishaan and Kunal carry the conversation ahead. Mauli’s discomfort gets observed by Kunal.

Silsila: Mauli and Kunal’s awkward dinner date

Moreover, Kunal doesn’t know why is Mauli feeling odd, when she is with her family. He also recollects their past. He thinks he is the reason for her uneasiness. He asks Pari to finish the dinner quickly so that they can leave. Mauli also realizes that Pari is Nandini’s daughter. She doesn’t express anything in front of Ishaan.

Mauli shows concern for Ishaan to show Kunal that she has moved on in life. She stays nervous while she pretends happy. She doesn’t want to care for Kunal now. Kunal and Mauli’s relation has changed a lot. Mauli’s wounds didn’t heal yet. She still feels frustrated over the broken ties. Mauli considers Ishaan’s marriage proposal. She doesn’t want Kunal to come back in her life ever. Mishti and Pari bring Mauli and Kunal closer unknowingly.

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