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TR’s Quick Reads on Telly Reviews… Silsila:
Situation brings Kunal and Mauli face to face again. Mauli wants to show Kunal that his presence doesn’t affect her life. She cares for her best friend Ishaan. Ishaan has no idea about Mauli’s move. He tells her that nothing will happen to him since she is with him. Kunal isn’t aware of their relationship’s truth. Ishaan tells Mauli that he would always want her advice in his life. They share a laugh. Kunal looks at them.

Aapke Aa Jane Se:

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Sahil plans a romantic surprise for Vedika. Vedika gets too happy when he confesses love to her. He tells her that Bhoomi has called him for the meet. She wants to accompany him too. Sahil goes to meet Bhoomi and hand over the divorce papers. He asks Vedika to wait for him. Bhoomi tries to convince Sahil. Sahil refuses to accept her love. She tells him that she won’t let him become of Vedika. She drives off in anger.

Mariam Khan:

Mariam has learnt Majaaz’s truth. Mariam breaks down. She feels helpless. She can’t believe the truth and hides it from Madiha. The family is happy to get Mariam back. They wish Majaaz to return. Mariam shares her pain with her family. She tells them that Majaaz didn’t get her home when she was waiting for him. Madiha tells her that its not her mistake. Mariam tells her that she is missing Majaaz a lot. She feels her memories aren’t of any use. Madiha learns about the terrorist tag on Majaaz. She doesn’t want such misfortune in the family. Biji comes home to meet Mariam. She consoles Mariam. Mariam has become a journalist against her will. She will spy on Majaaz’s case and find out the truth.

Suraj and Chakor try to run away from the goons. They want to expose Vikram and his dirty business. They get separated while they run away from Vikram’s trap. They fight with the goons on the way. They take shelter in the jungle.

Jijaji Chath Par Hai:

Pancham has lost his memory completely. He romances Sunita instead of Ilaychi. This worries Ilaychi and her family. Murari is sure that Pancham is lying about the memory loss. He makes a plan to expose Pancham. He tells Pancham that he has given him some big amount of money. He asks Pancham if he remembers this. Pancham stays in the drama. Murari demands him to tell about the money. Ilaychi learns Murari’s plan and supports Pancham. She signals him and asks him not to admit anything.

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega:

Parv blames Guddan for Siddhi’s accident. Guddan has a doubt on Parv. The family questions Siddhi about the mishap. Siddhi tries to take Parv’s name, but Parv stops her. Parv and all the Bahus frame Guddan, while Akshat supports her. Akshat is sure that Guddan can’t do anything such, she can’t harm anyone. Guddan gets helpless. Akshat knows Guddan’s humanity. Parv shouts on Guddan. Akshat tells them that Guddan isn’t a criminal and asks Parv to talk to her well.

Papa By Chance:

Yuvaan wins over Harman Batra. He gets happy to prove Harman’s evil to the world. Yuvaan and Amrit have a happy moment with the kids. Their family completes with the kids. Yuvaan confesses love to Amrit. He regrets for his mistake to give her divorce papers. The kids end their misunderstandings and bring them closer again. Yuvaan gifts a ring to Amrit as a token of love. The show is soon going to end.

Harman and Sameer have a dance off. Harman gets Soumya at the knife point. Sameer calls the police to stop Harman. Harman gets obsessed for Soumya. He confesses love to her again and again. Harman gets caught by police. Harman loves Soumya a lot. Sameer looks forward to marry his love Soumya. He tells her that very soon they will be marrying. Harman kidnaps Soumya from the mandap. He crosses all the limits for the sake of his love. Harman stops Sameer and Soumya’s marriage.

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