High Five Spoilers: Silsila, YHM and more

Telly Spoilers Shakti Ishq SubhanAllah Top 7 Today

Silsila: Ishaan gets happy when Mauli asks him for marriage. He accepts her proposal heartily. He tells Mauli that he was waiting for her acceptance since long. He tells Radhika and Dida that Mauli has taken the right decision, and got a handsome guy in her life. They share a laugh. He promises to love Mauli and Mishti a lot. Mauli realizes that Mishti should get a father’s love. She wants Mishti to get Ishaan’s love. She knows Ishaan would become a great father, unlike Kunal, who didn’t even believe about their coming child.

Jiji Maa: Falguni and Suyash have a romantic moment. Uttara keeps an eye on them. She is scared of Uttara. Suyash isn’t aware of Uttara’s truth. Suyash and Falguni got divorced. He wants to marry her again. Falguni also wants to get married to Suyash and get her rights. Uttara creates disturbance in Suyash and Falguni’s lives. Uttara and Shom spy on Falguni.

Internet Wala Love:

Jai and Aadhya’s misunderstanding gets cleared. They make a new beginning of their life. Their sweet arguments go on. Jai apologizes to her for all the wrong things he has done in the past. They have cute moments. They spend time and enjoy their friendly days. Aadhya tells him that she loves rains. Jai gets a grass sprinkler to create rain for Aadhya. She dances in the rain and thanks Jai for fulfilling her wish. Jai gets mesmerized seeing her dancing in the rain.

Ishq Mein Marjawa:
Deep is worried thinking who is the person murdering people in his house. He wants to know about Laila. He just knows her name. Tara meets him in disguise of Laila and tries to woo him. He gets angry when Tara dances for him in Laila’s avatar. He confronts Tara for her cheap act. He is scared that his enemy wants to kill Vasundara.


Ronak and Muskaan are in a picnic trip with family. Ronak wants to bring Sir ji’s truth out. He knows Sir ji’s honeymoon package gift has a threat to Muskaan. Ronak doesn’t want Muskaan to fall in trouble. Muskaan is in danger. Sir ji hires a shooter to kill Muskaan. Ronak stays with Muskaan all the time. Ronak avoids the lonely moments, so that Muskaan gets protection. He gets Hanumanth’s help to keep an eye on Sir ji and Sapna. Sapna adds poison in Muskaan’s drink. Hanumanth gets to see this. He changes the glass on time. Muskaan gets saved. Sapna starts troubling Muskaan on Sir ji’s command. She threatens to ruin Muskaan’s happiness.


Raman and Ishita learn the shocking truth that Rohan and Karan are Sudha’s sons. They realize that they got big time cheated. Sudha doesn’t leave any stone unturned in torturing Raman and Ishita. She wants Raman and Ishita to die. She tells Ishita that she will drive Raman for suicide, or Ishita has to shoot him to death. Ishita shoots at Sudha’s sons instead. She tells Sudha that she has learnt the truth about her hidden plans already. She scolds Sudha’s sons Rohan and Karan for playing with Aaliya and Ruhi’s feelings, just for Sudha’s mad revenge. Ishita gives a tough competition to Sudha. She protects Raman as always. Ishita and Raman want to defeat Sudha’s evil.

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