Big revelations in Kulfi Kumar Bajewala and Mariam Khan

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala and Mariam Khan

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Amyra’s jealousy regarding Kulfi and Sikandar’s bond gets higher. Tevar faces the financial difficulties. Tevar wants to pay Kulfi’s school fees. He takes up the petty jobs to get funds for managing his family. Tevar is troubled by Lovely’s dad. He still bears everything for the sake of Kulfi, while Sikandar gets busy in taking care of Kulfi in Tevar’s absence. The truth will be soon breaking out in front of Kulfi. She will be soon learning that Sikandar is her biological father. Kulfi and Sikandar play around singing while cherishing their cute bond.

Kulfi gets a big shock when she gets Nimrat’s locket hiding in Lovely’s cupboard. Kulfi gets to see Sikandar and Nimrat’s picture. She realizes that Sikandar is her real dad, whom she was searching since long. Kulfi gets big answers. New questions arise in her mind. Kulfi wants to know why Sikandar has left Nimrat and her. Kulfi fears that this truth has the potential to ruin her relation with Sikandar. Will she let this truth make or break her bond? Keep reading.

Mariam Khan – Reporting LIVE:

Mariam joins Fawad’s news channel and gets high ratings by her story. Fawad’s uncle praises Mariam for her commendable work. He tells Mariam that he could never imagine how she had turned the story into such an interesting piece of work. He tells her about the viewers’ response. He asks her to keep up the good work. Fawad doesn’t like Mariam’s foolish story. Fawad and Mariam get into an argument. Mariam knows he can’t digest her success. Fawad wants to keep the standard of reporting. He believes in true journalism. He asks her not to make fun of journalism. His uncle wants them to work as a team, so that the channel benefits. He asks Fawad and Mariam to work together by cooperation.

He promises to raise their pay. He asks Fawad to have sweets and not stay angered all the time. He asks Fawad to throw a party at his house. He tells him that the channel belongs to him, so he will be the host. Fawad agrees. Mariam didn’t wish to become a journalist. She just joins the channel to reach Majaaz. Mariam and Fawad get into the celebration mode. There will be much drama in the success party. Mariam has started liking Fawad. She has her own agenda. She wants to prove Majaaz’s innocence, while Fawad wants to prove Majaaz’s crimes.

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