Mariam Khan – Zain’s return to bring new twists


Mariam Khan – Zain’s return to bring new twists… Mariam and Fawad will be seen romancing. Mariam saves Fawad from Bhakti’s evil plan. She gets feelings for Fawad. She gets away from Mariam to identify her feelings. Mariam realizes her love for Fawad. He gets thankful to Mariam for saving him from troubles. Mariam dreams of Fawad romancing her. She gets delighted when some people become her fan and ask for her autography. Mariam gets praised. Fawad turns insecure seeing Mariam getting all the attention. Fans give some balloons to Mariam. They click selfies with Mariam.

Mariam gets happy that her work is getting appreciated. Fawad gets irritated seeing the balloons filled in his car. Mariam tells him that she is getting love from fans because of the breaking news. She shows courage. She has started falling in love with Fawad. They have cute arguments. She is doing everything to find Majaaz.

She is compelled to do reporting. She finds it tough to impress Fawad by her work. He saves Mariam from getting hit by a speeding bike. He asks her not to fly high and see where she is walking. He scolds her because of his concern. He sends her for work. On the other hand, Choti screams and tells everyone about the theft. Meher finds Rifat signaling Choti for blaming them. Meher scolds Rifat for blaming her. She argues with Rifat when the latter goes weaving a new conspiracy.


Rifat wants to frame Biji in the blame so that Biji gets thrown out of the house. Biji will prove her innocence with the help of Meher, and fail Rifat’s plan. Zain returns in Mariam’s haveli. Zain is a changed person post Mahira’s death. He has become a rockstar, who throws anger around because of his past, but stays humble towards those he loves. Zain becomes Mariam’s good support. Will Zain bring Mariam and Fawad closer? Keep reading.

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