Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Humiliation time for Sudha & Sons

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Humiliation time for Sudha & Sons.. Ishita gets Rohan and Karan tortured. Aaliya and Ruhi tie the dogs’ collar to their husbands to insult them publicly. They want to give it back to Rohan and Karan. They reach Srivastav house with baraat. The unique bidaai of the grooms bring fun track in the show. Aaliya and Ruhi show their swag. They turn Sudha helpless. Aaliya and Ruhi get Rohan and Karan to Bhalla house, and trouble them. Sudha and Kaushalya meet the sons at Bhalla house. Sudha gets gifts for them. Ishita insults Sudha and refuses to accept the gifts.

Sudha angrily throws away the gifts. She rages and tells Kaushalya that she can’t see her sons tortured by Ishita. She doesn’t want to fail.

Sudha tries to spy on Bhallas to know their plans. Iyers spot Sudha and get her ousted from the building. Sudha has the shares of Raman’s company, and wants to frame Raman. Sudha frames Raman in a worker’s accident case. She wants to settle the scores. Sudha asks Raman to come for the meeting with investors. She wants Raman to pay the compensation to the worker’s family and repent for his mistake.

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