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High Five Spoilers Bepannaah: Aditya hates Zoya a lot. Whenever he hears her name, he gets into anger mode. Aditya meets with a small accident. He gets into a street fight with the other car’s owner. The people try to stop Aditya. He doesn’t want anyone to speak ill about Zoya. Police reaches there to stop the fight. Aditya gets arrested for the fight. Aditya loves Zoya a lot and can’t hear a word against her. Zoya is around Aditya. She saves Anjana from trouble. She pulls Anjana back, when Anjana was going to get hit by the truck. Aditya reaches Anjana and worries for her. Zoya flees on seeing Aditya. He asks Anjana about the girl who saved her. Anjana doesn’t mention Zoya. Aditya rushes her back to the hospital.

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai: Sameer decides to resolve his fight with Naina and patch up with her. He thinks to kick out his ego and get back with Naina. They patch up and spend some quality time. Sameer plays guitar with her and makes her eat sweets. Later, Kamya sees Sameer upset and asks what happened? Naina gets worried.

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega:


Guddan comes for a film audition. She wants to become an actress. She gets an audition call. She reaches the place and falls in trouble. She gets excited and confident. She sees the pictures of famous actors. She believes that she is at some big director’s office. She gives her audition. She gets a huge shock seeing Dutta. He has trapped her into coming there. He tells her that he wants to take revenge on her. She fights with Dutta. He slaps and kidnaps Guddan. She falls unconscious. Dutta and his goons tie her up to the chair and point gun at her. Akshat reaches Guddan to save her life. Akshat fights with the goons. He gets injured during the fight. He doesn’t lose and tries hard to save his wife. Guddan worries seeing Akshat beaten up. Akshat saves Guddan and takes her home.

Mariam Khan – Zain’s return to bring new twists… Mariam and Fawad will be seen romancing. Mariam saves Fawad from Bhakti’s evil plan. She gets feelings for Fawad. She gets away from Mariam to identify her feelings. Mariam realizes her love for Fawad. He gets thankful to Mariam for saving him from troubles. Mariam dreams of Fawad romancing her. She gets delighted when some people become her fan and ask for her autography. Mariam gets praised. Fawad turns insecure seeing Mariam getting all the attention. Fans give some balloons to Mariam. They click selfies with Mariam.

Jiji Maa:

Suyash and Falguni leave for attending a marriage. They stop on the way when their car breaks down. They get to spend romantic moments at the resort. Suyash loves Falguni a lot. Suyash impresses her with his love confession. Falguni learns that Niyati can’t conceive ever, since her miscarriage happened in Goa. Falguni consoles Niyati and asks her not to lose faith. Falguni and Suyash want to prepone their marriage. Uttara plans otherwise.

Aapke Aa Jane Se: Vedika to realize Jacky’s truth… Vedika learns Jacky’s truth shockingly. Vedika asks Sahil to sign the papers, so that she can save the property from Puneesh. Jacky writes his name instead of Sahil. She asks him why did he write Jacky. He tells her that he is Jacky, not Sahil. He tells her the entire truth that he isn’t Sahil, and came to her house to take advantage of his resemblance with Sahil. He gets drunk and admits the truth. Some goons attack Jacky. He fights with the goons. He tells Vedika that he has to return money to the goons. Vedika can’t believe this shock. Vedika felt Sahil isn’t with her, but ignored the doubt in the happy zone.

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