Kaal Bhairav curse cross tags Veer shockingly

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2 mystery intensifies

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Kaal Bhairav Rahasya: Veer and Archie begin finding the truth behind Yash’s death. They get chased by Kaal Bhairav’s Shuvaan and Lali’s spirit, which wanders in the village. Archie suspects that someone is conspiring against Veer’s family. She wants to reach Bhopal by hiding from the villagers. She hides her identity. She takes lift from someone. On the other hand, Veer’s car breaks down. He tries to get help. He gets a shocking call. He doesn’t know where did Archie go. He gets worried for Archie. He reaches the mechanic to get his car repaired. He tries to rush and find Archie.

Archie wants to help Veer. She wants to avoid the villagers. She gets disappointed when she contacts Kedar for help and he refuses. She has to save her life. She has only option that’s to run away. She knows Veer also wants to help her. She isn’t able to reach to Veer.

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Sir ji constantly plots against Ronak and Muskaan. He instigates Gayatri to send Muskaan for some general checkup, since Muskaan faints down. Muskaan is at the hospital to get medical tests done. She gets kidnapped once again. She falls in new trouble and struggles to get free from the goons. She shouts to Ronak for help. Muskaan is taken in the ambulance. She feels helpless. Ronak learns about the kidnapping. He runs after the ambulance to save Muskaan. He doesn’t succeed in saving her. Muskaan hopes that Ronak and Hanumanth save her.

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