Ishq SubhanAllah: Clashes in Kabeer’s family begin

Ishq SubhanAllah Elena marriage twist next

Ishq SubhanAllah: Kabeer and Zara find a new topic to get against each other. Shahbaz and Kashan have an argument over Zara’s advice of Amaan’s schooling at a formal school. Shahbaz wants to send Amaan to Madarsa. Kashan wants to decide for Amaan. This happens for the first time and upsets Shahbaz a lot. Kabeer asks Zara not to give advices that aren’t bringing peace in the family. Zara supports Kashan. Shahbaz tells Kabeer that he has left the house responsibility to him, and maybe he was wrong to believe Kabeer. He warns Kabeer against Zara’s troubling opinions. He gets hurt by Kashan’s bitter words.

Kashan tells Shahbaz that he is Amaan’s father and would know the best for his future. Shahbaz and Kabeer calm down Kashan. Kabeer asks Zara to see what she has done by interference. He wants his elders to decide. He explains Zara that they don’t want to take the fights ahead, and put an end to it. He doesn’t want the relations to get affected. He wishes to solve the issues before things go out of hand. He wants Zara to stay silent in the family matters, when her advice isn’t welcomed.

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