Twists in Colors’ Prime time Shows Tonight

Spoilers Internet Wala Love, Shakti

Colors’ Prime time Shows Shakti: Harman appears on TV as he threatens to commit suicide and burns himself standing on the terrace of a building. All media come there to cover his love story. People gather there and ask him to come down. Harman confesses love to Soumya and asks her to come there. He pours kerosene oil on himself and says he doesn’t want to listen to anyone. Soumya is working in the restaurant and watches Harman’s suicide drama LIVE and gets shocked. Harman shouts Soumya and calls her Soumya, Khushi, Gulabo. He says I know you are watching me, come to me fast else I will burn myself and shows the matchstick. Soumya is shocked. She runs out of Restaurant to save Harman. She comes to the building of Pathan Court and asks him to come down.

Bepannaah: Zoya comes to know Aditya is missing when Mili informs her. Aditya apologizes to Zoya and asks her to forgive him. He gets emotional and teary eyes. Zoya says why and for what? Aditya says I had sworn that I will fight with you, and support you, but I left you. He apologizes to her.

Internet Wala Love: Jai realizes that Aadhya is in love with someone. He thinks who might be the lucky guy. Rupa realizes Aadhya took care of Jai all night and is in love with him. She thinks she will never let Aadhya get Jai and thinks to stop her from confessing her love to him. She plans to throw Aadhya out of the radio station and makes the papers ready. Jai calls Aadhya later and says I want to know who is the lucky guy whom you love. Aadhya says Jai. Jai asks him not to say Jai Jai and tell the name of the guy and says I am sure that someone came in your life. He says you can’t hide an important thing of your life from me. Aadhya says Jai and smiles.

Roop: Shamsher gets upset with Palak and thinks both Roop and her are same and have insulted their fathers since childhood. Ishika enjoys the attention which Roop is giving her. Ranvir fumes with anger. Roop finds out that Ranvir is in the same resort and tells Ishika that he is very clever and will not get trapped by us, so he thought of a plan to catch him red-handed.

Kanchan and Rupesh come to Shamsher’s house and apologize for not informing before coming. She tries to give shagun gifts to Bua. Rupesh says although we are samdhi, but couldn’t do the rasams. Bua asks whose Samdhi and tells that Roop married Ishika secretly and that’s why Shamsher broke his relation with Roop and have thrown him out of the house. Kanchan and Rupesh are shocked. Shamsher comes there and throws the gift. He tells that they have no relation between them and asks them not to have any hopes of relation in future too. Kanchan and Rupesh try to tell him about Ranvir’s truth, but Shamsher doesn’t listen to them and asks them to leave.

Ishq Mein Marjawa:

Deep targets Aarohi and Tara. He cages them inside the hut. Tara has the bomb tied to her waist. She tells Aarohi that she can’t stop walking, else the bomb will explode. Aarohi tries to remove the bomb belt and save Tara’s life. Deep stops Aarohi from acting smart. He lays a clever trap for both of them. He knows how to make them run for their lives. Deep enjoys venting out anger and exacting revenge. He tells them that he deserves this torture. He wants to kill them after teaching them a lesson. Deep saves Aarohi’s life when she falls in a pit. He wants to explain her that he isn’t her enemy, but a well-wisher. He wants Aarohi to understand that Tara an Virat are their enemies. He wants Aarohi to believe his truth.

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