High Five Spoilers: Shakti and more

Telly Spoilers Shakti Ishq SubhanAllah Top 7 Today

Shakti: Preeto and Harman finally find Soumya. Preeto tells him that its responsibility to talk to Soumya. Harman tries to convince Soumya. He beats a person who misbehaves with her. He doesn’t want anyone to insult Soumya or speak bitter to her. Harman will remind Soumya that she is his Gulabo. Sameer stays with Soumya to block Harman from her life. Sameer sends someone to inform Soumya about her parents. Harman doesn’t want Soumya to take stress. He gets into an argument with Sameer. He gets hell bent to help Soumya regain memory. Harman gives a 10 day challenge to Sameer. He keeps a condition that Soumya will regain all the memories of their love. He is sure that he will make her restore the memories. Harman recollects their old moments and gets emotional. Soumya asks Harman to stop tormenting her. Harman doesn’t want Sameer to mislead Soumya.

Internet Wala Love:
Aadhya gets dreaming of Jai. She gets crazy in his love. She imagines Jai with her all the time. She dances with him happily. The office romance will be seen. Aadhya gets on cloud nine. She thinks of Jai when the caller on radio show asks her about Jai. She gets emotional and plays a romantic song. Jai will be seen in many avatars in Aadhya’s dream sequence.

Muskaan: Ronak and Sajjan gets into a wrestling competition. Everyone taunts Gayatri that Muskaan is unlucky for them. Bua asks Gayatri to kick out Muskaan from the house. Sajjan gets beaten up by Ronak. Ronak fulfills the challenge and wins. Gayatri deals with the taunts at home. Sir ji asks her about Ronak. Gayatri tries to make everyone quiet. Ronak makes an entry again. He gets Muskaan home. Lovely stops Muskaan at the door and blames her for Ronak’s injury. Ronak doesn’t hear anything against Muskaan. Gayatri blesses Ronak and takes him to the stage for engagement. Ronak and Muskaan get engaged. Ronak feels helpless to keep this relation just for the sake of Gayatri. Gayatri gets happy when the engagement gets done. Ronak wants Sir ji to accept his evil truth, if he wants to stop the marriage.

Aapke Aa Jane Se:

Vedika fights like a brave woman for her children. She saves Arya and Ved, with the help of Jacky. She beats him with goons when they try to snatch Ved. She proves that she isn’t a helpless mother. Puneesh attempts to take revenge, but Vedika and Jacky succeed. Jacky gets Puneesh arrested.

Ishq Mein Marjawa:
Deep tells Aarohi that he will prove to her who is the best player. He warns Aarohi for cheating him. He is angry that she plotted against him, and joined hands with Tara and Virat. He leaves the dogs behind her. Aarohi gets running to save her life. Deep is ready with the new planning to tackle his revenge. Aarohi shouts for help. Deep comes to her rescue to continue the game.

Mariam Khan – Reporting LIVE: Mariam stays worried for Fawad. She becomes Fawad’s support. She tries to comfort him, once Fawad slips in the shock. Fawad sees someone dying, and recalls Mahira’s death, when he was blamed. Mariam takes care of Fawad. She understands that Fawad is innocent in Mahira’s murder case. She wants to bring him out of this trauma. She is hopeful that Fawad will get fine. She wants to know the culprit behind Mahira’s murder, who ruined Zain and Fawad’s lives as well. Mariam wants to get her answers from Rifat and also holds her goals of finding Majaaz. Mariam has to prove Majaaz’s innocence.

Ishq SubhanAllah: Kabeer takes Zara’s mum’s taunts seriously. He gets the jewelry for Zara. He opposes Zara. He asks Zara to leave from the house if she wants. He presents all the jewellery to Zara and her family. Zara asks him not to misunderstand her mother. Kabeer’s mum is also upset. Zara requests her to explain Kabeer. Kabeer’s mum takes his side. Zara shares her pain and prays for everything to turn normal again. Zara visits her home and cries sharing the incidents with her father. She hugs her mum and feels things has gone too far once again. Zara’s mum regrets to hurt Kabeer’s sentiments.

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