Silsila: Mishti keeps an unthinkable demand

Silsila Upcoming Mishti puts Mauli in a big fix

Silsila: Mishti hates Kunal and Pari. She doesn’t behave well with the family. She stays in her zone. She feels bad that Mauli is loving Pari more. There is much drama going on because of Pari’s bonding with Mauli. Pari asks Mauli why is Mishti not talking to her. She feels upset with Mishti’s annoyance. Mishti thinks Pari is snatching her mother. She thinks to do the same with Pari. She wants to snatch Pari’s father. Mishti keeps her demand that she wants Kunal in her life. Her words give a shock to Mauli.

Meanwhile, Kunal wants to get Mauli back in his life. Kunal tries to convince Mauli. Mauli clears out to him that Mishti and Pari aren’t bonding well and its better if they stop their meetings. Mauli and Ishaan decide this for the betterment of both the girls. Mauli tells Kunal that he should keep Pari away from Mishti.

Kunal doesn’t find this justified. He reasons out with Mauli. Ishaan explains Kunal that if the girls continue to meet, their friendship may turn into insecurity and anger. He wants Mishti and Pari to take some time and then decide. Mauli agrees with Ishaan. Mauli and Ishaan ask Kunal not to meet them again, and maintain distance for the sake of their peace. Pari learns Mishti’s demand. She doesn’t feel bad to lose their father. Mishti grows more insecure. Pari shows a big heart and wants Kunal to love Mishti.

Roop: Roop and Ishika trap Ranvir and teach him a lesson. Roop wants to expose Ranvir in front of Shamsher. Roop is ashamed that Ranvir is his brother. He can’t believe that Ranvir has lost his mind because of his jealousy and hatred. Ishika tells Ranvir that they have planned to expose his truth. Ranvir wants to get saved and trap Roop. Ranvir lies to Roop. He says you both got mad, I have come on honeymoon with my wife, I have seen Ishika and came to talk. He says even I m married and want to be with my wife, I m not after Ishika. Roop knows Ranvir is a cheap-minded guy. He questions Ranvir. Ranvir and Roop’s clashes will go on.

Chakor gets worried for Rajjo when she fails to contact her. Chakor gets a huge shock when she comes home and finds Rajjo in a terrible state. She finds the same CD once again. She doesn’t want Anjor to learn Suraj’s truth. She gets worried for Anjor as well. She gets relieved when she finds her daughter safe. She learns that Rajjo has got raped by someone. Chakor shares her pain and encourages her to fight back. Chakor calls the police to get justice for Suraj.

Vikram’s brother is the culprit in the dirty act, but he puts the blame come on Suraj’s look alike Raghav. He wants to put Chakor in a fix. The police questions Chakor about Suraj. Chakor tries to hide about Raghav. When Raghav disappears, everyone doubts on him and wonders why is Suraj changing so much.

Raghav’s change in behavior makes Tejaswini lose hopes on Suraj. Tejaswini wishes Suraj to become their strength in such a tough time. Raghav doesn’t like Rajjo, but pities her knowing about the incident. Raghav tells Chakor that he isn’t aware of the bad happenings. Inspector tries to get evidences against the culprit. He concludes that the culprit belongs to the haveli itself. Chakor doesn’t think that anyone from Tejaswini’s relatives can do this crime.

Inspector asks Raghav and other men of the house to come for medical tests, since they have got a blood sample at the spot. Police asks Rajjo to support them in the investigations so that the real culprit gets caught. Chakor fills confidence and courage in Rajjo. She doesn’t want Rajjo to lose in front of the evil. Chakor fears that Raghav’s identity will come out. Vikram’s brother wants to take revenge on Chakor for killing Vikram and Rajeshwari. Chakor struggles to save Raghav, having a belief that he can’t commit such a henious crime. How will Chakor prove Raghav innocent and also protect Suraj’s truth from coming out.

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