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Spoilers YRKKH: Naira wants to convince Kartik for having a child. Naira gets a sign from Lord, when she gets the Kanha idol. She knows the old beliefs that finding a Kanha idol would mean that woman to have a child, just like Kanha. Naira prays that Kartik understands her wish. She feels she is right to think of having a family now. She confirms from the doctor that she is healthy enough to become a mother. She want to give the heir to the Goenka family and fulfill Dadi’s wish. Kartik fears for the doctor’s response on Naira’s case. He doesn’t know if the doctor will give positive or negative result. Kartik fails to mentally prepare himself for the big change in their lives.

Jiji Maa:

Niyati meets with a shocking accident. She leaves from the house when Haryali provokes her. Niyati gets in trouble when some goons try to kidnap her. Niyati escapes from the goons’ clutches. She runs into the darkness to save her life. She comes in front of the truck and gets injured. The goons try to reach her. Falguni, Suyash and Vidhaan try to search for Niyati everywhere. They wish to find her before any bad fate strikes. Uttara plots Niyati’s kidnapping and accident. She wants to oust Niyati from Vidhaan’s life, so that he can remarry and then have a child.

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai: Sameer is still upset with Naina and ignores her. Naina is sad and tries to cheer him up. Tayi ji comes to Patel’s college to catch Naina and her lover, but she finds Naina standing alone. She couldn’t get any clue regarding Sameer. Sameer leaves before Tai ji could see him. During the exam in the class, Munna and Pandit do cheating. Karthik takes help from Munna. Naina writes her exam well.

Roop: Ranvir tells Roop and Ishika to come with them in the car as they are going back home from the resort. He thinks to find out the truth between them. Roop senses Ishika’s displeasure and tries to refuse, but Purvi insists them to come along with them. Ranvir tries to widen Ishika’s anger for Roop. Rupesh visits the hospital and gets his reports. He tears the reports thinking if Ishika and Roop come to know that he is fine now, then they will break the marriage, which he can’t let happen. He thinks the news is good, but he is not happy.

Bua sees Rupesh throwing his reports in the hospital dustbin and takes that torn papers. She gives it to Ranvir and informs the same. Ranvir thinks why Rupesh wants to hide about his health recovery news from Roop and Ishika. He comes to the conclusion that it is related to Roop and Ishika.

Muskaan: Ronak and Muskaan celebrate happiness in their Haldi ceremony. Ronak challenges Sir ji to stop the marriage. Muskaan falls in trouble once again. Muskaan comes home in a fainting state. Ronak and Gayatri get a big shock. Ronak tells Gayatri that Muskaan should have not stayed alone in the outhouse. Muskaan gets conscious and tells Ronak about some man attempting to molest her. She tells Ronak that she has stabbed the man in self-defense. She is in shock. Sir ji calls the police home to get Muskaan arrested.

Sir ji wants to cancel the marriage. Police wants to investigate the murder case by questioning Muskaan. Muskaan gets scared to answer about the incident. She tells inspector about the attack on her. Muskaan gets thinking who will save her now. She doesn’t realize that its Sir ji’s plan. She feels she will get jailed. Ronak knows about Muskaan’s innocence. He realizes Sir ji’s evil plot. Sir ji open challenges Ronak and asks him to free Muskaan this time.

Internet Wala Love:

Aadhya is in love with Jai. Aadhya wears modern clothes to impress Jai. She turns up at the office, wearing high heels and a short dress. She thinks Jai will like her if she dresses up like Aishwarya. She feels Jai isn’t giving her attention since her clothing is simple. She wants to match up to Jai’s fashion style, so that she looks suitable for him. Jai finds Aadhya’s changed avatar. He questions her about the make over. Aadhya stumbles wearing the high heels. Jai holds her and stops her from falling down. He asks her to be as simple as always, she doesn’t need to change herself for anyone. Aadhya gets glad hearing him.

Jija Ji Chath Par Hai:

Pancham comes to meet his ladylove while riding a horse, like a prince charming. Ilaychi dresses up like a princess. They have a filmi love confession and romance. Ilaychi gets on cloud nine seeing Pancham. Her dream turns true. Pancham fulfills her dream with love. He sweetly proposes her for marriage. Ilaychi accepts her prince charming as her life partner. She tells him that she loves him a lot.

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