Silsila Surprise: Mauli gets drawn into Kunal’s world

Silsila Surprise: Mauli gets drawn into Kunal's world

Silsila: Kunal finds Pari yearning for a mother’s love. She wants Mauli’s love, knowing Mauli is Nandini’s best friend. She tells Kunal that she wants Mauli’s love and also Mishti’s acceptance. Kunal tells Pari that they are enough for each other, they don’t need anyone in their lives. He tells her that Nandini is still with them. He pacifies Pari. Kunal meets Mauli and Ishaan to find a solution for their two daughters’ future. He feels guilty to complicate the lives of his daughters. Mauli tells him that even Mishti is going through the same. Kunal tells her that he has a solution for it. He questions her if she has brainwashed Mishti about him. He wonders why does Mishti hate him and Pari.

Furthermore, Ishaan asks Kunal not to get suspicious about Mauli. He tells Kunal that Mauli has always kept the past relationships under wraps and just spoke about it with respect.

Kunal apologizes to Mauli. Mauli doesn’t want Mishti and Pari to get hurt. Ishaan suggests them to stop letting their daughters meet, so that there isn’t any clashes ahead. Mauli totally agrees with Ishaan. She feels they shouldn’t meet either. Kunal is left with no option when it comes to hi daughters’ happiness. He agrees with Mauli unwillingly. Meanwhile, Radhika tries to explain Mishti that she should talk to Pari.

She explains how Kunal and Mauli can look after her. She gets hopeful that Mishti will bond with Kunal. Radhika explains her the meaning of father and Kunal’s situation. Kunal comes home to surprise Pari. He learns she is sleeping. Pari suffers from a high fever. Kunal meets Pari to present the toy. He checks her fever and gets worried. Kunal turns into a caring parent once again and looks after her. He realizes that Pari is still longing for Mauli. Radhika informs him that she spoke to Mishti and things may get fine with time. She wants him to give some time to Mauli and Mishti. Kunal informs her about Pari’s high fever. She wants to visit him and look after Pari.

Moreover, Radhika reaches Pari and finds her really ill. She relieves Kunal by taking Pari’s responsibility. He thanks her. She feels sorry for Kunal, who is managing all the things single-handedly. Pari takes Mauli’s name in sleepy state. Kunal worries for her. Mauli gets disturbed thinking about Nandini’s belief in her. She wants to know about Pari. Radhika returns home and informs her about Pari’s illness. Mauli gets worried for Pari, feeling the sense of responsibility towards her. Mauli wants to give mother’s love to Pari. She doesn’t want to break Nandini’s belief. Kunal wants to help Pari. Pari wants to get Mauli’s love and care. Mauli reaches Kunal to help Pari. Mauli enters Kunal’s worl just for the sake of Pari. Pari will be bringing Mauli and Kunal together.

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