Ishq SubhanAllah: Kabeer’s anger throw-out

Ishq SubhanAllah

Ishq SubhanAllah: Kabeer makes a mistake just to anger Zara. He express his feelings over Zara’s mistake in front of Ruksar. He plays with Ruksar’s toys. He tells her that if he is her friend, he wants to share his heart out. He is much upset with Zara. He then sees Zara in Ruksar and vents out anger. He tells her that he will throw her out of the house. He blames her for ruining his life. He asks if this is the relation between husband and wife, why does she always force her opinions. He says you always fight to win over me. Ruksar gets scared of his anger. He doesn’t let her go and asks her to just listen to him.

He says you have made my life hell, you claimed of loving me, its all a lie, you just love herself, not me. He calls Zara self-centered. He is angry that he loves Zara, and she didn’t stand by him ever. Ruksar runs away.

Kabeer gets mad in frustration. He then realizes that its Ruksar, not Zara. He feels guilty to scare Ruksar. He goes to apologize to her. He tries to make up to her for his anger. He stays back with her. Kabeer puts Ruksar to sleep. Zara feels Kabeer is turning selfish to just find his opinions right. Ruksar goes out to everyone and tells them that Kabeer was with her all night and played games to end her annoyance.

This upsets Zara again. Zara doubts on Kabeer. Zara tells Ruksar that he isn’t right and he won’t clarify to anyone about his intentions. Ruksar’s innocent talks brings new differences between Kabeer and Zara. Shahbaz and Aisha don’t want Ruksar to come between Kabeer and Zara. Zeenat assures Aisha that she will try to keep Ruksar away. Kabeer doesn’t explain anything to Zara and barges out. Will Zara understand Kabeer’s feelings? Keep reading.

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