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TR’s Quick Reads on Telly Reviews Roop: Roop and Ishika reach the temple to pray for Ishika’s dad. Ranvir reaches the temple with Poorvi and finds Roop and Ishika putting prayers chit in the box. He gets the chits from the box and tries to check about Ishika’s problems. Ishika wishes her dad to get recovered. Roop prays that Ishika’s wish gets fulfilled, and his relation turns into a love bond. Pandit blesses Roop and Ishika’s pairing. Ishika isn’t aware that Ranvir will add up to his problems. Ranvir will play villain in her life again. Ranvir bribes Ishika’s driver and puts Ishika in danger.

Mariam Khan – Reporting LIVE:
Fawad asks Mariam to come with him to office. She reminds him that its a holiday, but he will always have much work. He tells her that he just stayed back to have breakfast. She jokes on him. He asks her not to act oversmart. He doesn’t want to give her any off. She tells him that she spoke to Omkar and got the leave.

She gets busy in preparations for fairy tale themed party. Mariam and Fawad get into an argument. She wants Fawad to become part of Aaliya’s birthday. She insists him to come in the party, but he refuses, stating about his work. Mariam wants Fawad to enlighten Aaliya’s mood. Fawad asks her not to waste his time. He is depressed over his life. He doesn’t want to be around Mariam, and starts denying his feelings for her. Fawad knows that Mariam is influencing him a lot. She asks him to dress up as per the theme. Fawad asks her to first stay away from his life. Mariam tells him that they are connected and he can’t end relationships with anyone randomly. Fawad cancels all his meetings. He tells Mariam that he is attending the party just for the sake of Aaliya.

Internet Wala Love:
Aadhya gets a makeover to impress Jai. She asks him how is she looking. He tells her that she isn’t his Aadhya, who he likes a lot. He laughs seeing her discomfort. She is too simple always. He asks her not to change her simplicity. She wants to do everything for Jai. He gets caring for her. He also shows his rights on his friend. She tells him about going to Agra. She says dad wants to send me there. He asks her how can she travel at night with any stranger. He tells her that she won’t be going anywhere. He says I will talk to your rude dad and tell him that you won’t go anywhere alone. He assures that he will drop her to Agra. She is confused that her friendship with Jai will change if she tells her feelings to him.


Sir ji wants to ruin Muskaan’s happiness. He hires a goon to trouble Muskaan. Muskaan gets ready for her haldi ceremony. She gets attacked by a masked man. She gets a huge shock. She asks the man to get away. When the man tries to misbehave with her, she warns him. She wants to know about her enemy. She shouts for help, but Ronak doesn’t learn anything. She gets a knife to defend her dignity. Muskaan don’t want to cheat Gayatri. She also wants to avoid the marriage with Ronak, but she wasn’t prepared for facing such dangers. She realizes Sir ji is behind the attack. She stabs the man. The man falls dead. This makes her slip in a shock. Muskaan reaches Ronak with blood-stained hands, which shocks Ronak’s family.

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