High Points in YRKKH, YHM and more

Upcoming twists in Yeh Rishta Kya and Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

YRKKH: There is a sweet celebration when three big families join at the awards function. Kartik and Naira come up with great ideas for the awards. Their romance is also seen in small moments. The family showers many awards on KaiRa. Kartik and Naira revive some memories of the families. They bring the photos and videos to remind them the golden memories. They also perform while expressing their gratitude to the relationships. The Rishton ka Utsav comes to an end after the Parivaar Awards. Lav and Kush become the judge and decide the winners.

Kartik and Naira get pleasing everyone with love and warmth. A twist comes when Badi Nani falls ill. She hides about his ailing state when she sees everyone happy. She doesn’t want to trouble anyone. She gets stable. Vishwamber falls in huge trouble when the evil property dealer attacks him at the Goenka house.

Naksh happens to see Vishwamber in trouble. Naksh tries to save Vishwamber. The evil man asks Vishwamber to sign the property papers and transfer the haveli to them. Vishwamber tears the papers and tells him that he will not sell his haveli. Naksh and Vishwamber give a solid answer to the goons. Naksh becomes an ideal grandson by fulfilling his duty well.


Sudha sheds tears for Karan. She blames Bhallas for torturing Karan so much that he reached the hospital. She cries for Karan. She gets venting anger on Raman. She comes up with this drama for a big motive. She begs the doctor to save her son. She wants to prove Bhallas wrong. Ishita gears up to face Sudha. Rohan asks Sudha to relax and not hurt herself. Raman knows Sudha’s fake drama. Ishita knows that Karan is fine, and this is all Sudha’s plan to save her sons from Bhallas’ teachings.

Sudha plays a new plan against Bhallas by bribing the doctor. She pays the doctor and asks him to tell Bhallas about Karan’s weak condition. Doctor lies to Ishita. Ishita doesn’t believe this. She confronts the doctor. She scares Sudha and makes her admit the truth. Sudha gets nervous and admits that her son is absolutely fine. Sudha loses out to Ishita again. Sudha wants to save her sons from Raman and Ishita. Aaliya and Ruhi tell Sudha about the strength of united family. Ishita and Raman want to teach them a lesson. Sudha and Rohan fail to garner any sympathy by their sorrowful drama. Ishita commands Rohan and Karan to come with them.

Krishna Chali London:
Krishna suspects Radhe’s decision for divorce. She finds TT going at night to meet her lover. Krishna learns TT’s love story and assures to help her. Krishna stops Radhe and TT’s marriage by helping TT elope. She gets Radhe along to drop TT to her lover. Krishna gets a bridal avatar to marry Radhe once again. Krishna and Radhe get married, failing Dadda and Bela’s evil plot.

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