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Aapke Aa Jane Se: Jacky and Vedika get stuck when Ved demands something silly. Ved wants his parents to stay happy. He asks Jacky to hug Vedika. Vedika loves Sahil a lot. She finds it hard to play the drama with Jacky. Jacky hugs her on Ved’s saying. She knows that Sahil has left her forever. Jacky reminds her of Sahil always. She hides Jacky’s truth. She gets affected by the happenings. She asks Jacky to get leave. She makes Jacky out of the room. Jacky tells her that he has kissed her just for Ved’s sake. She gets angry and overreacts. Jacky tries to apologize to her.

Vedika doesn’t want to forgive him. She tells him that he reminds her of Sahil, and she doesn’t want to see him. Jacky has helped her in saving Arya and Ved’s lives. She is thankful to him for his help, but wants him out of their lives now. She says you have saved my children, you will get money for your work, you should leave from this house. Jacky deeply apologizes to her.


Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai:
Principal asks Sameer to tell the girl’s name whom he was hugging in the music room. She asks if Naina was with him. Sameer refuses to tell her name. Principal asks him to either tell or sign on the paper in which it is written that he will not write his final exams. Sameer decides to sacrifice and doesn’t tell her name. He signs on the papers. Later, Naina calls him being worried. Sameer says sorry and tells her that Principal asked him to tell her name or don’t write final exams. He tells that he told her name to Principal ma’am, and now she will call his Mama and Mami and her Chacha and Chachi. Naina gets scared. Sameer asks her to relax and tells that he didn’t take her name and instead opt for not writing the exam. Naina gets moved with his big sacrifice.


Harman tries to make Soumya remember their past and their marital status. He calls her and tells that he heard that true love makes the sky bend down, I have to just make my Gulabo remember our past. He tells her that nobody’s love can be more truthful than his love. Soumya is still upset and angry with him. Later, he knocks on her room window. Soumya opens the door and sees Harman lighting the candles in shape of SORRY. Harman looks at Soumya. Soumya asks him to go and tells that she doesn’t want to listen to him. Harman swears to ignite love in her heart again and apologizes to her. Soumya ruins the candles and asks Harman not to visit her again.

Tujhse Hai Raabta:

Kalyani gets drowned in water after she saves the baby from the kidnapper lady. Malhar saves Kalyani and takes her out of the well. Later, he arrests the lady for kidnapping his baby and risking his life. The lady asks him to beat him, but she doesn’t want to go to jail. She tells that she was blinded in greed. Malhar asks if someone gave her money to steal the baby. The lady looks at Aparna at first. Aparna gets scared. The lady then looks at Anupriya. She tries to put blame on her.

Ranvir tells Ishika and Roop about the temple. Roop says we are getting late and will go home. Ishika says they will visit the temple to thank for Rupesh’s recovery. They reach the temple. Roop is doubtful of Ranvir’s doing. Pandit ji tells Roop and Ishika about the temple’s importance and asks them to write their mannat/wish on the paper and keep it in the box. Ishika and Roop write on chits and put them in the box. Ranvir manages to keep his hand in the box and gets the chits. Roop comes and sees Ranvir with the box. Ranvir makes an excuse. Rupesh manages to fool Haren Patel and his family until Ishika and Roop return.

Internet Wala Love: Aadhya takes an auto to go to Jai’s house. She decides to talk to Jai and ask about his feelings. She decides not to propose and lose him until she is sure about his feelings. She hires an auto. Samrat rides the auto in disguise of an old man and aims to humiliate Aadhya for taking revenge of his insult. He thinks today nobody can save you, not even Jai. He looks at Aadhya in the front mirror of the auto. Jai searches for her and calls Aadhya. He thinks Aadhya pick up the phone. His car is behind the auto, but they don’t see each other. Aadhya sees Jai’s call. Samrat speeds up the auto. Aadhya thinks to go and talk to Jai.

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