Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Truth breakout to strike three lives

Kulfi Kumar New hopes for Sikandar and Lovely

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Tevar gets a huge shock when Sikandar tells him that he isn’t Kulfi’s biological father. Tevar has compelled Sikandar to admit the truth. Tevar can’t tolerate this shocking thing. Sikandar tells him that Kulfi isn’t his daughter, his blood. Tevar asks Sikandar how will he break this big truth to Kulfi. He asks Sikandar to think what will Kulfi think knowing this truth, what will they explain her. Sikandar tells Tevar that Kulfi already knows this truth and has accepted Tevar as her father heartily. He reveals how Kulfi learnt this truth on Diwali and came to ask him. He tries to explain Tevar that Kulfi loves them a lot, irrespective of the truth. Tevar doesn’t listen to Sikandar.

Sikandar asks him not to rush anywhere in anger and understand the truth. He tells Tevar that Kulfi was upset with the God, but not her, since his love has touched her heart. Tevar breaks down knowing Kulfi isn’t his daughter. Sikandar asks Tevar not to abandon Kulfi. Tevar cries and runs out of his house. Sikandar and Kulfi will learn their connection soon. There will be the truth breaking out, which will change three lives.

Tevar gets disturbed with the truth. Sikandar recollects Lovely’s threatening, that he will be losing Amyra. Tevar learns that Amyra is his child. Kulfi sits in grief, that everyone is sorrowful because of her. Bebe tells her that she is such a child who brings joy in everyone’s lives. Kulfi feels that Sikandar and Lovely lost happiness with her coming. Bebe asks her not to be mistaken, she isn’t responsible for anyone’s sorrow. She asks Kulfi not to think of stupid things and take rest to recover soon. Tevar feels his doubt was always right. He scolds Sikandar for lying about Amyra, and sending away Kulfi with him. He suspects Sikandar for supporting Lovely. He tells Sikandar that Amyra is his daughter. He asks why did he snatch Amyra from him.

Sikandar doesn’t want Amyra to know this truth, knowing she can’t tolerate this. Tevar confronts Sikandar for cheating him. Sikandar tells him that he has learnt this truth very late, when Kulfi accepted him as a father. Tevar tells him that he owes an answer to Kulfi and Amyra too. Sikandar tells him that when Kulfi has accepted him as father, he should not hurt her heart. Sikandar feels he has done a big sin by creating this misunderstanding. He tells Tevar that he is surrounded by the same storm. He tells him that Amyra and Kulfi have made the bonds of heart, which will always stay the same.

Tevar meets Amyra and gets emotional. He hugs her and feels miserable. Amyra feels sorry that she is angry on Kulfi, knowing she is already sick. Amyra tells him how bad she is feeling seeing Sikandar and Lovely’s fights. Tevar finds Amyra similar to him, after hearing her emotional talk. Amyra tells him that she can become Kulfi’s friend, but she can’t bear that Sikandar loves Kulfi more. She wants to remain Sikandar’s daughter. Tevar feels he has lost Amyra forever.

Sikandar begs for forgiveness to Tevar and Kulfi. Tevar and Kulfi share a moment. She tells him that they shall leave from Sikandar’s house so that everything stays fine in Sikandar’s family. He agrees to fulfill her wish. He feels sorry to do injustice with his daughters. Both the fathers cry for their daughters. Sikandar can sense Tevar’s pain. He doesn’t want Tevar to reveal the truth to Amyra. Tevar’s dilemma intensifies. Kulfi will be learning Sikandar and Nimrat’s marriage truth after meeting her uncle.

Qayamat Ki Raat: Raj protects Gauri from Uma and Avni’s terrible attackUma and Avni catch Gauri and kidnap her to get the magical stone. Uma slaps Gauri and tries to suffocate her. She asks Gauri to give the stone to them. Gauri refuses to them. Uma asks Avni to stab Gauri and give her a painful death. Gauri bears the multiple stabs and gets close to death. A new hero enters the scene to save Gauri.

He teaches a lesson to evil Avni and Uma. He opposes the evil doers. The masked man reveals his identity. He is actually Raj, who protects Gauri like always. Raj always knew that Uma is playing an evil game with Gauri. Raj and Gauri want to save Avni. Gauri finds Avni striking Raj and pushes him. She gets hit again and faint down.

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Mariam Khan – Reporting LIVE: Fawad confesses love to Mariam Mariam and Fawad have a romantic moment. They both are falling in love. Mariam finds it arrogant, but knows the painful phase he has gone through. She completely understands him, since her childhood was also upsetting. Fawad surprises Mariam by confessing love to her. He says I love you, which stuns her.

Aaliya comes to break their moment. She asks them what are they doing. Mariam tells Aaliya that they were hiding the surprise for her. Someone kidnaps Mariam from Aaliya’s birthday party. Mariam senses that its Fawad, who mocked the kidnapped. Fawad scares Mariam by his Dracula avatar. She beats him up. Fawad and Mariam will be having a dance performance in the party.


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