Yeh Rishta: Kartik Naira ensure a promising new start

Yeh Rishta: Kartik Naira ensure a promising new start

Yeh Rishta: Goenkas, Singhanias and Maheshwaris celebrate the Parivaar Awards. This brings a wave of happiness and enthusiasm. The award goes to one, and raises arguments as well. Naira asks others not to raise objection and know the winner’s choice by the judges. Lav and Kush justify their decisions on selecting the winners, when all the nominees are close to win. Samarth gets emotional seeing Suhasini getting the award. He gets thankful that she has brought him to the right path and also accepted him in the lovely family. Dadi receives the award and feels she has achieved everything in her life. She likes Naira’s idea of reuniting the extended families. Vishwamber gets troubled by the property dealer, who wants him to sign the NOC papers for selling the haveli.

Goenkas and Singhanias aren’t aware of the upcoming trouble. The award ceremony goes on. Winners gives lovely speeches from their heart. Vishwamber tries to keep the goons away from family. Naksh finds him worried and follows to know the problem. Manish outdoes Kartik and others, and wins the stylish person award.

He thanks the little judges Lav and Kush for selecting him as the winner. Vishwamber refuses to sign the papers even on facing death. The goons threaten to shoot him down. Naksh stops the goons. Vishwamber stays brave and tears the papers, which angers the goons further. Kartik pays respect to Devyaani and Suwarna, for loving their stepchildren so much. He feels indebted to Suwarna for all the love and care she has showered on them. Kartik and Naksh beat up the goons, and save Vishwamber’s life.

They make sure that their family stays protected. Vishwamber asks Kartik not to let anyone know about this problem. He doesn’t wish the family’s happiness to get less. Kartik keeps his wish. Kartik and Naira give an award to Samarth and are proud that Samarth’s hatred ended forever. Samarth gets thanking them for mending their relations so well.

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