Krishna Chali London: Shukla seeks Krishna’s help

Krishna Chali London: Shukla seeks Krishna's help

Krishna Chali London: Krishna learns about Dadda’s evil deeds. Shukla begs the doctors to leave him and spare his life. He tells him about his family, who is waiting for him. He realizes that Dadda is the one who is after his life. He asks the doctor to let him speak to his family once. Shukla gets some help. He tries to call the family. Shuklain thanks the God that Radhe and Krishna are together. She is sure that Dadda can’t do anything against them. Dadda gets irked by her belief in Radhe and Krishna. Shukla calls up Shuklain to inform about his miserable state. Krishna answers the call and learns about the deep trouble he is in. He cries on his bad fate and tells her that he is in bad state. He tries to alert her about Dadda’s evil deeds. Krishna gets to know Dadda’s truth from Shukla.

She wants to know what was Shukla trying to tell her. She gets really worried for Shukla. She tries to spy on Dadda and know the matter. She fears that something may go wrong in the family. Dadda also gets a hint of Shukla’s call. He orders his men to teach a lesson to Shukla. Krishna worries for the family’s safety. She tries to find out Dadda and his wife’s past.

Dadda tells Radhe that he has found a good job for him, now he can earn money and send Krishna to London. Radhe jumps on the big opportunity. He picks the job without any second thought. He gets thankful to Dadda for helping him through out. Dadda asks him not to share the secret with Krishna or family so soon. Krishna learns Dadda’s secret that he has killed his wife Vrinda. Krishna feels that Shukla wanted to tell this truth to her on the call. Krishna wants to save Shukla as well.

She returns home only to find Dadda conducting a havan. Dadda puts Radhe in danger, by ousting him from the house. Radhe leaves from the house to join the job. Krishna looks for Radhe. She meets Shuklain and tells her that she has found Dadda’s evil truth. Dadda accepts his crime that he has killed his wife. He also threatens to get Shukla and Radhe killed. Krishna loses her cool and slaps Dadda to teach him a lesson. She learns Shukla and Radhe are in deep trouble. How will Krishna save them? Keep reading.


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