Muskaan: More twists of rescue and romance

Muskaan Ronak Clever Escape plan next

Muskaan: More twists of rescue and romance… Muskaan comes home back after the haldi ceremony and the murder incident. Muskaan was sold to the Sheikh once again by Sir ji and Tabassum. Ronak acts drunk and carefully listens to overconfident Sir ji’s confession of his crime to send Muskaan back to brothel. Ronak plays along Sir ji and wants to know where is Muskaan. Sir ji takes him along to show Muskaan’s sale. Ronak shocks Sir ji by calling up the police there and exposing Sir ji’s crimes. He saves Muskaan and tells her that he has kept his promise of protecting her from evil Sir ji. He asks Sir ji to take Muskaan home and please Gaytri, if he wants to avoid the police arrest.

Sir ji gets helpless but to accept the brothel girl as his Bahu once again. He takes Muskaan home, and tells Gayatri that he has got her released from the jail. Gayatri gets thankful to Sir ji. She hugs Muskaan. She gets emotional. It was a tiring day for Muskaan. She was much disturbed knowing Sir ji’s confession about parting away Aarti and also trying to sell her off. She stays stressed.

Ronak makes a sweet gesture and tries to relieve her tensions. Ronak tells Muskaan that he will not let anyone hurt her. He renews his promises. He doesn’t want to marry Muskaan, but finds more dirt in his family than in Muskaan’s background. He makes sure that Muskaan gets a good sleep, and forgets the day’s stressful situations. Muskaan realizes his cute gesture and thanks him. Gayatri asks Muskaan to get ready for her mehendi ceremony. She also asks Muskaan to prepare herself mentally and try to stay happy. Muskaan is upset that she is cheating Gayatri and this drama may end anytime. She hopes that Ronak and her marriage drama doesn’t end, and Ronak really marries her.

Gayatri gives mehendi shagun to Muskaan. Ronak changes his angry avatar. He turns humble towards Muskaan, knowing how much she has suffered because of his dad. Muskaan gets touched by Ronak’s changed behavior.


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