Ishq SubhanAllah New entry to create waves

Ishq SubhanAllah New entry to create waves

Ishq SubhanAllah New Entry happens. Zara suggests Kabeer that they should use Zakaat money to help the poor people. She tells him that poor people are struggling with cold and dying, they can save those people by using the money for medicines and warm clothes. She asks Kabeer to think about serving humanity. Kabeer and Shahbaz take her advice. Kabeer and Zara head to Shariah board and have a meeting with the rich board members. They get more donations after Zara gives an appealing speech for the poor people’s welfare. Zara tells them that the donations will be used for serving poor people. A guy gets much impressed with her speech and gives big donation instantly. Zara thanks him for the cheque. On going home, Zara makes some food for herself on a small stove. She is happy in her own world and doesn’t care for poverty.

She wishes Kabeer to earn money and take her home. Shahbaz asks Zara to stop the poverty drama. He asks Aisha to explain Zara about the society laughing on them. Zara holds her self-esteem. Shahbaz wants Zara to come back home and resume her lavish life in front of the guests. He doesn’t want Zara to defame them. He says its important for Zara to be here for a day and save the family respect.

Meanwhile, Aisha meets Zara at her house and requests her to come back home for the sake of their family respect. She asks Zara not to let people weaken their family. Aisha knows Zara and Kabeer are each other’s strengths. Zara wants Kabeer to fulfill her conditions first. She thinks of going home to support the family. Kabeer shares his happiness with Shahbaz that he has spent the money for helping the poor. Shahbaz isn’t much happy because of his own tensions. He congratulates Kabeer for the good work. Shahbaz has to return the big amount to the guy who made the highest donation. He invites him in the party at home.

Zara arrives home and takes her old avatar again. She meets the guy and his mother. She is impressed with the guy who has achieved so much alone. She wants Kabeer to be independent and ideal like that guy. She praises that guy, which turns Kabeer jealous. Zara wants to explain Kabeer what she wants in their lives. Zara wears second hand clothes, bought from a market. She gets taunts by the guest. Kabeer feels insulted because of Zara. Zara turns daring to challenge Kabeer.What twists will the new guy bring in Kabeer and Zara’s lives? Keep reading.


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