Happy New Year 2019: Try some cool Resolutions

Happy New Year 2019: Try some cool Resolutions

Happy New Year 2019: Yet another year is coming to an end and we are growing older by another year. The tradition of making New Year resolutions on the New Year’s Eve is an age old custom where people vowed to follow a new set of changes in their lives in the coming year. Basically, New Year’s celebrations begin on the evening of December 31 and continue into the early hours of January 1. People celebrate the New Year by exchanging best wishes and hopes that New Year brings prosperity and happiness in their lives. We also make new resolutions with a thought that things might change the next year. This hope brings positivity to move on in life. So, let this hope never die in taking any decisions and feel motivated to learn and grow.

Everyone gets busy around this time in drawing up resolutions for the New Year. Whether you are a student, a professional, a housewife or a parent, resolutions are taken to rectify our past mistakes and make efforts for our own self improvement. We are going with some resolutions for parents, teenagers and many more.

Resolutions for Teenagers:
1. To exercise regularly for physically fit.
2. Limit use of Cell phones.
3. Say no to fast foods and colas.
4. Say no to roadside food.
5. Prepare a healthy course of diet every day.
6. Plan to do home works regularly.

Resolutions for Children:
1. To do good in studies and do home works regularly.
2. Take active part in school’s sports activities.
3. Clean your room regularly.
4. Help your mother in the daily house hold chores.
5. Take part in voluntary activities.

Resolutions for Parents:
1. Act patiently with kids.
2. Avoid over-interference.
3. Put a limit on your work hours.
4. Devote some time for yourself and family.

Resolutions for Men:
1. Make a daily fitness routine.
2. Lose weight.
3. Avoid smoking.
4. Quit drinking of Alcohol.
5. Control on anger.

Resolutions for Women:
1. Cut off the unnecessary expenditure.
2. Spent more time with kids.
3. Quit the habit of smoking and drinking.
4. Set the goals to achieve her aims.
5. Lose/ gain weight to look smart.
Make any one the resolutions and follow the strict regime to complete the goals for improvement to accomplish this year.


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