Udaan New phase begins in Chakor’s life

Udaan New phase begins in Chakor's life

Udaan New phase of happiness and positivity begins for Chakor: Rajjo’s culprit gets arrested. Rajjo gets justice but after her death. The villagers get the justice by following Chakor’s instructions. Chakor gets Akash beaten up by the villagers. Akash asks inspector to take him in the jeep fast. Inspector makes a plan to help Akash flee on the way. Inspector is working for Akash. Akash wants to take revenge on Chakor and Raghav. Imli asks Chakor to assure that Akash lands in the lock up. Imli, Chakor and Raghav succeed to get Akash punished. Anjor is scared of Imli, since the latter made her away from Chakor. Anjor shouts for help. She asks Chakor to keep Imli away. She asks Raghav to ask Imli to leave from their house.

Imli is a reason of fear for Anjor. Chakor tells Anjor that Imli has changed now and she will not separate them again. Anjor doesn’t believe that Imli has reformed. Imli turns regretful seeing Anjor’s reaction.

Imli tries to get friendly with Anjor. Imli pacifies Anjor. Chakor asks Anjor to trust Imli and give her a chance. She hugs Anjor, finding her too scared. Imli gets sweets for Anjor and tries to build a relation with her. Chakor and Raghav have a romantic moment. Anjor gets happy seeing them. She wants her mom and dad to be happy. Chakor doesn’t have any feelings for Raghav, since she just loves Suraj. On the other hand, Raghav develops feelings for Chakor. Imli realizes this and is happy for Chakor. Imli wants Chakor to live happy. Imli wants to tell Chakor that Raghav is falling in love with Chakor and she should give a chance to him. This leaves Chakor stunned. Will Chakor accept Raghav in her life and move on for the sake of Anjor? Keep reading.


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