Krishna Chali London Shocking Radhe to die in an accident

Krishna Chali London Shocking Radhe to die in an accident

Krishna Chali London Shocking Twist: Krishna feels guilty and responsible for Veer’s sorrow. Veer sees the college and hospital for the last time. He gets too emotional while leaving from the college. He can’t imagine his life away from his workplace. Krishna tells Radhe that she didn’t know this would happen with Veer. Radhe asks her not to be upset. He tells her that he will try to get a job for Veer. He promises her. Veer and Sunaina pack their stuff and leave from their house. Veer understands his mum’s pain. She tells him that she will always feel guilty for believing Krishna. It gets tough for Veer too. Radhe fulfills Krishna’s dream of a white wedding and gifts her the bridal dress. He leaves a note for her and asks her to reach the church on time.

She gets too overjoyed and wants to rush to the church. Shuklain feels her heart sinking, even when everything is fine. She fears that something bad may happen. She tells Lali that she is afraid for Radhe because of a bad omen.

She wants Radhe to come back home soon. She prays for his well being. Lali asks her to talk to Radhe and get mental peace. Radhe plans to marry Krishna and arranges a beautiful set up to please her. Shuklain talks to Radhe and tells him that she is waiting for him. He tells her that he is fine. Krishna looks for Radhe and misses the route. Radhe guides her and asks her to check the address. He tells her that he will come to pick her. Radhe and Krishna get happy talking about their marriage dreams. Krishna reaches the place, while Radhe goes away from there. Krishna likes the lovely decorations and awaits Radhe. She gets emotional. Radhe and Krishna confess love to each other. Radhe meets with an accident. Veer becomes Radhe’s culprit. Radhe will be dying in the car accident.


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