Yeh Un Dinon Sameer Naina face a new engagement twist

Yeh Un Dinon Kulfi Ghatbandhan

Yeh Un Dinon Sameer Naina get new troubles. Sameer refuses to make Naina wear 28000 rupees worth ring as his family insults her family showing their high society status. He tells them what Naina means to him. He confidently tells their love story in front of everyone and tells that neither of them is affected by each other status. He tells that Naina is the world to him and he loves her a lot. He gets engages to her in a simple manner after much drama. Vishaka, Bobby, and others insult Agarwal’s family. Sameer asks them not to insult each other and be happy in their happiness. Sameer and Naina get thankful to their friends, who has succeeded to bring them together. The families create another clash. Sameer’s family ask Sameer and Naina to get engaged again, just the way they want.

Roop: Ishika helps Roop to decide what he wants to become, and gives him two flowers. She asks him to choose what gives him more happiness, his hotel management job or Police job. She says the choice is yours, choose the one which seems right for you. Shamsher makes Roop wear Police cap and asks him to come to training camp.

Roop asks him to come to his workplace/hotel and says I will show you everything. Shamsher looks on. Ranvir forces Haren Patel and his family to give all house to him else he will kill them. Vaishnavi calls Roop and seeks his help.

Internet Wala Love: Aadhya is shocked and unhappy as Jai loses the cycle race intentionally. Jai misunderstands Aadhya to have compromised with his cycle to make PK win. He asks her to tell what happened which changed her so much and says he will find out surely. Aadhya angrily asks him to go. Jai gets angry too and agrees. Jai sends a letter to Shubhankar. Shubhankar reads it and slaps Aadhya, blaming her for not informing him about the guy in her life. This is Jai’s last effort to break PK and Aadhya’s alliance with Shubhankar’s help. Shubhankar gets angry to know about PK.

Shakti: Surbhi, Soumya, Harman, and others come to the temple to offer prayers. Varun argues with Surbhi over the baby. Surbhi tells him that the baby is just hers. She asks him to leave her hand. Varun pushes her and she falls down the temple stairs. She shouts Soumya’s name. Harman, Preeto and Soumya come and get shocked seeing Surbhi injured. They take her to the hospital. Surbhi delivers a baby boy and asks Soumya to raise her Kanha as her own son. Soumya promises to take care of Kanha like Yashoda. Surbhi closes her eyes and dies. Soumya is shocked.


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