Kulfi Kumar Troubles for Sikandar drawn by Nimrat

Kulfi Kumar Troubles for Sikandar drawn by Nimrat

Kulfi Kumar Troubles for Sikandar. Nimrat hugs Sikandar and tells him how much she loves him. Sikandar informs Lovely that Gunjan has called his fan home. Lovely gets jealous and tells him that fans don’t come home to meet the stars. He likes her jealousy and tells her that he loves her a lot. They share a close moment. They want to spend time together. Gunjan asks her sister Nimrat to make a place in Sikandar’s heart. Sikandar tells Lovely that he will not meet his fan again if she wants. Lovely admits that she will be jealous if he talks to some girl. He promises that he won’t talk to anyone if she tells him. She finds real happiness with him. He tells her that they should be happy always. She feels scared to lose her happiness. He tells her that they will always protect their happiness from the outsiders.

Gunjan asks Nimrat to come between them. She wants Sikandar and Lovely’s pairing to break. Gunjan tells the family that she has got Nimrat home since she was staying in accommodation. Kulfi gets delighted to meet Nimrat at home. On knowing the fan’s name, Sikandar feels low. He slips back in Nimrat’s memories. His trance soon breaks when Lovely is around. Lovely understands that Sikandar is feeling hurt. Gunjan tries to ruin their happiness. She gets threatening Lovely. Sikandar feels sorrowful and gets thinking of his first love Nimrat. Sikandar and Lovely are building their relationship again. Lovely tells Cutie that Nimrat has come in between them and is trying to get close to Sikandar.

Amyra and Kulfi learn about Lovely complaining about Nimrat. Kulfi enjoys spending time with Nimrat and sees her mother in her. She gets singing with her. Amyra stops Kulfi from befriending Nimrat. Bebe and Mohendar scold Gunjan for calling Nimrat home. Gunjan feels it will be good for Sikandar if Nimrat stays with them in their house. Cutie alerts Lovely about Gunjan’s plan, who is trying to revive the old feelings in Sikandar. She tells Lovely that Gunjan is trying to oust her from the house. Lovely understands that she is right.

Amyra doesn’t want Nimrat around. Amyra explains Kulfi that Nimrat is coming between Sikandar and Lovely. She asks Kulfi to stop Nimrat from staying in the house. Nimrat wants to meet Sikandar once again. She is much crazy for Sikandar. Kulfi tells Amyra that Nimrat isn’t bad. Amyra asks her not to share the room with Nimrat. She takes the challenge to prove that Nimrat is a wrong person. Kulfi shows the house to Nimrat. They stay happy together. Sikandar comes across Nimrat again and gets uncomfortable. Lovely gets angry seeing Nimrat. Amyra tries to find proof against Nimrat.


  1. The romance between Sikander and Lovely which is being shown is extremely annoying n stupid . The couple that never loved each other , were all set for divorce , Sikander didn’t let Lovely even touch him after knowing all her misdeeds also that she was responsible for Nimrat’s death suddenly becomes so loving and caring , it’s really damn stupid . Means Sikander is such a spineless guy , how can he forgive Lovely n give in for her nonsensical demands . They are going to spoil the serial . Lovely should be totally exposed n abandoned by everyone


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