Internet Wala Love Jai on verge of realizing love

Internet Wala Love Jai on verge of realizing love

Internet Wala Love Jai searches for Aadhya and is hopeful that he will find her. He gets to know about Aadhya’s workplace and comes to her in disguise of a Chaiwala/tea vendor. He serves her tea. Aadhya looks at him and gets surprised to see avatar as a Chaiwala just to reach her. Kiara asks Aadhya who does all this for a friend and says she is sure that somewhere Jai loves Aadhya. Jai and Aadhya hear her surprisingly. Jai realizes his love for Aadhya due to the distance between them. He comes again to her in disguise of a Peon. Aadhya cries seeing his efforts to cheer her and feels helpless as she doesn’t want Jai to love her without his wish. Jai comes to Aadhya as a delivery guy and delivers her sandwich.

Aadhya smiles seeing the smiley made on it. Jai stops her on the road and says that he sees her in every random girl. He tells that he doesn’t know what is happening with him, and says he can’t live without her. Aadhya is surprised to hear him, but still doesn’t want to hurt herself.

Aadhya loves Jai a lot, but is helpless since she can’t confess love to him. She is limiting her feelings because of Rupa. Rupa doesn’t want Jai and Aadhya to come together. She has stated this clearly to Aadhya that Jai will never accept Aadhya in his life. Aadhya believes Rupa’s words and thinks Jai and she belongs to different worlds, which can never meet. Aadhya stays confused over Jai’s friendship which is growing into love even from his side. Her attempts to get away from Jai results in something positive, since Jai also gets on verge of realizing his true feelings for Aadhya. Will Jai confess love to Aadhya? Keep reading.


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