Ishq SubhanAllah Another shocker for Kabeer-Zara

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Ishq SubhanAllah Another Shocker. Kabeer and Zara start a new life. She has succeeded to explain him that he has to get independent. Kabeer decides to get a job and manage the family expenses. She gives him a list of her basic needs. Kabeer gets the needful things and also a black board to make a house budget. He wants to work according to the monthly budget, so that he doesn’t disappoint Zara. Kabeer tells Zara that he will add a certain amount for his parents’ medical needs. He wants to be a dutiful son. Zara also wants him to fulfill all his duties. Kabeer tells her that he has to find an average paying job to make a start. He doesn’t want any financial problems to stress Zara. She is happy seeing the nice change in Kabeer.

Kabeer has no property left with him. He tells Zara that Kashan has taken away all the property. He doesn’t want his parents’ lives to bear any misbehavior from Kashan and Zeenat. He tells her that he will meet his parents and explain them that he will take their responsibility. Kashan and Zeenat break out the fact that the entire property belongs to them. Zeenat gets insulting the elders.

Zeenat blames Shahbaz for all the wrong decisions taken by him in the big project. She tells him that he is on the roads because of the losses. She asks everyone to stay in her house as she tells them, else they can leave any time. She asks Kabeer not to interfere in the family matters, since he has decided that he won’t be living as a slave. She is proud of Kashan, who has cheated Shahbaz and got his signatures on the legal documents. Kashan owns the house and turns negative for the family. Zeenat doesn’t want to help the elders. Shahbaz breaks down with Kashan’s big cheat. Kabeer hugs Shahbaz and Aisha. He assures them that he will look after them, but not let anyone ruin their esteem. Kabeer and Zara have a big responsibility to manage the family.


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