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TR’s Quick Reads Shakti Roop. Internet Wala Love: Aadhya takes Jai to the hospital and takes medicine for his cold. She drops him home. Shubhankar gets angry with Aadhya for breaking her promise. Jai is happy thinking she has proved his value in her life. The moment has come when they will confess love to each other, but they are unaware of the upcoming danger. Rupa determines not to let Aadhya and Jai confess love to each other. She conspires against Aadhya. Jai and Aadhya give the same gift to each other and get happy.

Shakti: Varun goes to Panchayat members complaining about Harak Singh’s family that they don’t allow him to take even pics with the baby. Panchayat gives the verdict to give Soham to Varun for 24 hours. Soumya tells the baby that her motherly love will bring him back to her. She refuses to give her baby but is forced by the Panchayat. Panchayat tells Varun that Soumya will have the baby as the baby is small and needs a mother, so she will take care of him. Varun takes the baby from Soumya for the next 24 hours. Soumya cries and couldn’t stay without Soham. Harak Singh and all his family miss Soham.

Roop: Roop resigns his job and comes to Shamsher. He tells him that he doesn’t want any innocent person to get punished because of him or if they suffer loss. He gives his resignation letter to Shamsher and asks him to read. Later Shamsher spots him at a tea stall. Roop helps the tea seller and makes tea for the customers. He tells Shamsher that you can stop me from doing cooking outside, but you will see me doing this daily. He tells that he has decided to stay jobless as he wants to make him understand that all his stubbornness can’t be acceptable. Roop is upset. Ishika doesn’t like him being upset. She tries to cheer him up. She dances for him and makes him smile. She just wants to distract him from his problems. She wants his smile to stay on his face. Roop and Ishika have a romantic moment.

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Raja: Shivraj knocks on Rivaaj’s door, but he makes an excuse. Shivraj goes. Rivaaj is about to get close to unconscious Rani and shows his crazy side. Raghav is playing the game with his friends and peeps in Rivaaj’s room. He sees Rivaaj getting closer to Rani. He goes to his family members and takes them to Rivaaj’s room. Rivaaj’s plan fails to get Rani. He hides Rani at the nick of time. They all question him about Raghav’s words. Rukmini gets worried for Rani.

Main Maayke Chale Jaungi:

Jaya goes on a date with Jai. They have a romantic dance. Jaya gets close to Jai to make Samar jealous. Jai draws a wrong meaning by her closeness. Jai’s ex-wife dances with Samar. They share a talk. Samar tells the lady that he wants to stop Jaya and Jai’s marriage. Jai spikes Jaya’s soft drink. He gets misbehaving with Jaya. When she stops him, Jai gets insulting her in front of everyone. He calls her a gold digger, having a middle class thinking. Jaya scolds Jai and tells him that she doesn’t care for his richness, she is proud belonging to middle class. She boasts of her mum’s values and vents anger on him. She reaches him a lesson. Samar gets happy seeing Jaya and praises her. Jaya tells him that even he is similar. Samar introduces himself to Jai. Jaya leaves out in annoyance. Samar learns that Jai isn’t a nice guy and will ruin Jaya’s life if he marries her.


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