Yeh Rishta Kartik blamed for betrayal Shell shocked twist

Yeh Rishta Kartik blamed for betrayal Shell shocked twist

Yeh Rishta Kartik blamed for betrayal by Naksh and Kirti. Kirti awakens from her coma state and shows high chances of recovery. While the entire family celebrates the baby’s naming ceremony and names him Krish, Naksh shares the good news to Kirti, which makes her open her eyes. Naksh gets super excited and thanks Krishna for making his wife recover. He thinks its the magic of little Krish who has come in their lives. He runs to express his happiness to the family. He wants to tell the family that Kirti has woken up. Naksh shouts to everyone that Krish brought happiness for Kirti. He tells them that Kirti has awakened. This brings a wave of joy in the family. They call a doctor to get Kirti checked.

The families talk to Kirti and try to communicate. Kirti doesn’t speak up and instead hears them. The family is happy with her positive improvement. Doctor checks Kirti and tells them about the good recovery in her. He tells them that they can now expect Kirti to resume normalcy soon, since she is reacting to homely ambience well.

Naksh gets much encouraged with Kirti’s recovery. He tells Kirti that he is waiting for her eagerly. Kartik fears meeting Kirti. He doesn’t know how to meet her eyes. Kartik has snatched Kirti’s motherly rights on Krish just for Naira’s sake. He fears of losing Krish forever. Kirti shows more symptoms of recovery, bringing a new joy in Singhanias. Kartik gets tensed over a nightmare, where he sees Kirti snatching her baby and also blaming Kartik for his big betrayal.

He stays shell shocked when Kirti exposes his big move of baby swapping. Kartik loses his heart when the family reprimands him. He then realizes its just a nightmare. He finds Krish with Naira. He fears that his nightmare will soon turn true. Will Kartik mentally prepare himself for the worst scenario or tell the truth to Naira beforehand? Keep reading.


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